Xiaomi Mi9 Vs VIVO IQOO Review: A Practical Experience For a Month to See Which Is the Best Choice?


Xiaomi Mi9 and Vivo IQOO are the flagship Smartphones that are initially equipped with Snapdragon 855. These two phones have many similarities. Personally, they bought Xiaomi Mi9 a month ago and now we compare it with Vivo IQOO to see which one is better, I hope everyone will like it.

These both flagships are very similar in the process design. Just look at the phone is a drop-screen combined with different styles of in-screen fingerprint, but compared to the speed of unlocking, IQOO is slightly better than Xiaomi Mi9, because it has 6th gene optical in-screen fingerprint, and Xiaomi Mi9 is feature with 5th gene, but the actual experience gap is really not big, the difference between the back of the phone body is very big, and the individual prefers the 3D curved glass of Xiaomi Mi9 gradient effect, IQOO is always a bit cheap, it is not very practical!

Performance is probably what everyone is looking forward to! both phones are powered with Snapdragon 855, but the Antutu points differ. Xiaomi Mi9’s score is higher than IQOO. Many people say that it is because Xiaomi invested in Antutu, so it’s score is high. Inevitably, the individual feels that the difference in performance is really small, mainly depending on the actual experience, and the design of the appearance is an important criterion.

In terms of charging speed, 44W Super FlashCharge, but unfortunately the standard version, which is 6+128GB without this charger, so there is no big advantage in charging speed, it is recommended to buy the 8GB version because is more worthwhile. It is equipped with a 44W Super FlashCharge. The Xiaomi Mi9 has a 27W fast charge that can be fully charged its 3400mAh battery in less than 1 hour.

The game experience is more certain for the IQOO, after all, the touch technology on the side of the fuselage, liquid cooling two-way heat dissipation, the large battery capacity of 4000mAh, its actual experience for game lovers, as well as the hand-on very prominent, the most important endurance performance is really not a name, compared to the Mi9 thin body, life cannot keep up, the body is easy to get hot is indeed unavoidable.

Both phones are equipped with a vertically aligned triple camera on the back, but the overall strength is still a lot stronger than Xiaomi. After all, the 48MP Sony IMX586 sensor which is very obvious for the camera experience upgrade, whether it is the focal length person thinks that the super wide angle is better than the IQOO. The hardware support of the MI9 is bringing a better experience. IQOO is really incomparable!

Integrating the two aspects of these phones personally feel that the comprehensive strength of Xiaomi Mi9 is better, whether it is the value of the face or the system UI style, there are photos, and IQOO is more dominant is the endurance of the phone, and turn into a game experience the side interaction of concessions, so friends who love the game, the Vivo IQOO is more worth recommending, but only occasionally playing the game Xiaomi Mi9 is a very good choice.

So look at the comprehensive experience for everyone! Do you think that if you want to choose one of these two phones to buy, which one do you prefer to buy?

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