Xiaomi Mijia Robot 2 Pro Review: With 4000Pa Large Suction Power


In recent years, with the rapid development of smart homes, whether home floor cleaning can be completely handed over to home smart cleaning equipment has always been a topic of concern to the market and users.  Among them, whether the cleaning is clean, whether the mopping will leave a peculiar smell in the room, and whether the obstacles can be identified and avoided after setting the map have become the shackles that restrict the development of this industry. And as people’s awareness of safety and health becomes stronger, especially in the complex situation of the epidemic, can robots kill and sterilize them while cleaning?

Nothing is unachievable. In the field of sweeping robots, there are many manufacturers willing to study, but those who can produce results and satisfy the market are rare. The sweeping and dragging robot 2 Pro produced by Mijia is the latest answer sheet submitted by Mijia. As for whether it is satisfactory, let’s look down together.

As a household cleaning tool that can mop the floor, the Xiaomi Mijia Robot 2 Pro can electrolyze tap water into sterilizing water, effectively killing Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, and other bacteria. , The cleaning effect is better, and the bactericidal rate can reach 99.9%, which is comparable to professional sterilizing water.

Xiaomi Mijia Robot 2 Pro also has an upgraded version of the floor mopping function, and a new vibration mode, 100 million high-frequency sound waves per minute to wipe the floor, specifically to deal with sticky, stubborn stains. The single-sided brush is more effective for corner cleaning. The 4000Pa large suction power is matched with the large-diameter suspension suction port, which can clean the dust in a wider range, and the large particles of dust can also be absorbed. 3 mopping modes plus 4 levels of suction adjustment, suitable for various working scenarios such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.

The new LDS laser navigation is not affected by light, the measurement distance is further extended, the sampling speed is faster, and the 360° full-area scanning can be achieved through the map. With the intelligent control of the Mijia APP, you can customize the functions of cleaning areas, scheduled cleaning, and zone cleaning. You can also delimit restricted areas and virtual walls by yourself, avoiding inconvenient cleaning areas such as carpets.

The standard 500mL independent large dust box can hold more ground to absorb dust. The two-in-one dust box water tank can meet the needs of different suction and dragging. 5200mAh high-capacity battery, with a cleaning area of ​​250 square meters at a time.

The following are the detailed parameters of Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 2 Pro:

Design & Appearance

The Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 2 Pro uses a full-body dark color scheme. The openings of the 3D ToF obstacle avoidance system are like two piercing eyes, which look very pleasing. There are only two buttons on the top cover, namely the recharge button and the power button.

On both sides of the bottom of the machine are two power wheels, the top is a guide wheel, and the left is a single-sided brush. Although the cleaning area of ​​this design is not as good as the double-bristle brush, the cleaning degree is much better than the double-bristle brush. The volume of the suction roller is not large, but fortunately, the suction power of 4000Pa is large enough.

The power wheel of the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 2 Pro is a rare double-tooth design. Compared with the single-tooth design, the double-tooth is more adaptable to the environment, and it is not easy to slip when there is water on the ground. The principle is similar to the anti-skid hinge of a car tire.

The LDS laser scanning hole is still placed on the top of the fuselage, and the degree of protrusion is not high. The included mop is a three-stage design, and the part that overlaps with the suction roller is more precise, which can avoid excessive cleaning of the uncleaned parts on both sides and waste of power.

The size of the dust box is not large, but it is very convenient to disassemble, and it is enough to use with the water tank for daily mopping. The body uses a more common contact-type charging interface

The design of the charging base is relatively simple, and there is not much fancy design except for the two power supply connectors.

Mijia APP

As a smart home product produced by Mijia, it is inevitable to support and link with Mijia APP. Let’s take a look at how much energy the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 2 Pro can burst with the support of the Mijia APP. In the mode selection, you can choose the normal mode and custom cleaning. In the custom mode, there are sweeping, sweeping, and single dragging, and you can choose the sweeping and mopping strength under each item.

In addition to the common power options, the Mijia APP provides two sweeping and dragging modes in the settings, namely the power-saving mopping mode and the fine mopping mode. Of course, different modes have different power consumption. In the floor selection, you can choose two modes of tile and wood floor. The function is slightly thin, but in the experimental function of the setting, we have found functions such as carpet display.

This search process took a lot of time. It might be better if you directly add the carpet option to the floor material selection. There are already many families using large-area carpets, and it is not necessary to set the carpet as a separate option. Of course, this design should be concerned that the carpet cleaning function is not perfect enough, and it is only for advanced users to try, hoping to “fix the results” as soon as possible.

In custom cleaning, users can choose different rooms for cleaning. If the room has inconvenient cleaning areas or focuses on cleaning areas, you can select the edge cleaning, secondary cleaning, and other modes in the settings as needed. When cleaning, you can choose strong mopping mode, standard mopping mode, vibration mopping mode, etc. The electrolyzed water function can also be turned on or off, which is quite magical.

In addition to the daily scan map, the AI ​​obstacle avoidance technology can intelligently identify obstacles in the space. Of course, it is also possible to manually adjust the size of the obstacles, but it can be more worry-free by handing it to AI. In use, if there is a large area that does not need to be cleaned, you can set a virtual wall, a restricted area, and the length of the wall and the area of ​​the restricted area can be customized.

In other respects, you can also see the consumable usage of the Mijia Mop Robot 2 Pro in the Mijia APP, including side brush usage time, main brush usage time, and dust box filter usage time. In general, the Mijia APP has a lot of functions, and users have a lot of options, and it is very user-friendly. The only thing that makes people entangled is that some aspects are too cautious, such as the carpet options when choosing the floor.


The Xiaomi Mijia Robot 2 Pro has a large suction power of 4000Pa, and it is very suitable for home use with a single-sided brush. Let’s take a look at the test results for the specific performance.

The daily cleaning of confetti is very easy for the suction power of 4000Pa. Even larger confetti can be cleaned. However, it is not recommended to deal with too large confetti for daily use, which will increase the cleaning frequency of the robot.

Then there are the most troublesome daily household paper scraps with water. Here we have upgraded it. On the ground is a very sticky Coke (it is shameful to waste food, please don’t imitate it).

It can be seen that this is still not difficult for the Mijia sweeping and mopping robot 2 Pro. It is still very easy to clean, and the mopping function directly removes the Coke traces.

Finally, we use the most difficult stone to test. Generally speaking, it is difficult to have gravel in the home environment, but we might as well take a look at what limits the suction power of the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 2 Pro can reach.

It can be seen that even if it is a large stone, there is still no pressure for the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 2 Pro. As a sweeping robot with a 5200mAh battery, the charging speed of Mijia sweeping robot 2 Pro can only be described in general.

Charging started when it originally had 13% power, and the power reached 47% in 60 minutes. It took 3 hours and 2 minutes to fully charge the battery. However, considering the use time and the automatic recharge setting, such a charging time is also acceptable.

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The Xiaomi Mijia Robot 2 Pro has a large suction power of 4000 Pa, but it does not use the more common bilateral bristles but is a unilateral type. Although the cleaning area of ​​this design is not as good as the double-sided type, it has a miraculous effect on the edges and corners of the wall. After all, the essence of the sweeping robot is to clean and sweep, rather than blindly pursuing the cleaning area. This practical consideration, Mijia sweeping robot 2 Pro well done.

Although sweeping and mopping is not unique to the Mijia sweeping and mopping robot, it creatively adds the electrolytic water function, so that the Xiaomi Mijia Robot 2 Pro is no longer limited to sweeping dust and stains on the ground during daily cleaning. Thoroughly provide users with a clean and safe ground environment, even without the need to purchase fungicides, tap water can deal with 99.9% of bacteria.

The powerful Mijia APP can be set with a variety of functions, such as area delineation, virtual walls, cleaning suction, mopping water level, etc., except for some functions that may require users to adapt, it is basically the top three intelligence in the current sweeping robot industry APP.

The good battery life brings a large cleaning area to the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 2 Pro. It can clean 250 square meters on a single charge. If it is a normal three-bedroom house, it can be used for two or three days with a single charge, and the user can also remotely control the robot. Whether it is charging or not, that is to say, the problem of no electricity basically does not exist on the Mijia Mop Robot 2 Pro.

If there are shortcomings, the innovative dust box of the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 2 Pro may be a more controversial place. The product is not too large. The number of times to clean the dust box may be more frequent when using it.

In general, if the floor area of ​​the home is large enough, the situation is more complicated, and all kinds of garbage are prone to appear, and you have the pursuit of cleaning and sterilization, the Mijia sweeping and mopping robot 2 Pro will be a very suitable choice.


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