Xiaomi Mijia Smart Display Light 1S Announced: Priced at $35


Xiaomi Mijia Smart Display Light 1S announced that the device will go on sale at 8 pm on October 20, with a pre-sale price of 229 yuan.

According to the official introduction, this new product has asymmetric professional forward projection, which can relieve eye fatigue; 0-32mm thickness display adaptation, hanging installation, wireless remote control, bring users a cleaner desktop. It can also access the Mijia App, intelligent linkage, Xiaoai voice control, and unlock more ways to play.

According to the officially announced pictures, the appearance seems to be basically the same as the previous generation, and it still continues the simple design style, but it does not use the white body that Mijia is used to, but a more low-key black, so avoid using it. The screen draws attention too much.

In terms of functionality, the official did not disclose much information. At present, only the linkage of Mijia App has been added, which can be easily controlled by Xiaoai classmates, mobile phones, etc., but in terms of experience, it should be a rotary remote control button. Better to use, this is also one of the most outstanding highlights of the first generation of Mijia smart display hanging lights.

It is understood that the previous Mijia display hanging lamp uses a custom optical lens and a finely etched light cover to avoid reflections on the screen and face the screen for a long time without worrying about glare.

At the same time, the color rendering index of the Mijia display hanging lamp reaches Ra90, which can restore the true details of the color, no video flicker, long-term use of the eyes is not easy to fatigue, and will not affect the rest of others, very suitable for use in collective environments such as dormitories.

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The Mijia display hanging light also comes standard with wireless remote control, using a 2.4GHz wireless connection, and supporting color temperature and brightness adjustment. Two 7-cell batteries are included with the light, which can last up to 2 years.

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