Xiaomi New Folding Screen Has Appeared and MIUI Has Been Adapted


There are always a lot of well-informed bigwigs who will quickly modify or delete after revealing some nasty materials, but those with fast hands will leave screenshots. In a bit of news from today, Someone posted on Weibo saying that “MIUI for Pad will soon be able to see the prototype of the installation, but soon he edited and revised the content.

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But if you think this is the new Xiaomi tablet, then you are wrong, because it says “this pad is not the other pad, the real pad has to wait” in the comment area, and smart users have already guessed that this pad It is not a tablet product, but a folding screen product of Xiaomi.

It can be seen that they not only have Xiaomi New Folding Screen products ready to go, but MIUI has also been adapting to such a product form, and we can soon see the prototype of the installation.

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Regarding Xiaomi’s new folding screen products, the official display machine was brought in as early as last year, but there was very little news after that. Now that after such a long time of technological progress, it should have been down and ready for release. It’s time, so this year not only Xiaomi Mi MIX, but Xiaomi’s folding screen product line will also be officially launched for sale, and rice noodles will be on sale again.


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