Xiaomi Folding Screen Phone Unveiled at Subway


From the picture, the system interface used by the phone, carrying Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 system, so it can be guessed that the phone is Xiaomi’s folding screen phone. The phone comes with a thick confidential case, so it is impossible to know the width of its bezel. However, it can be seen that the phone uses the internal folding scheme, there are obvious creases in the middle, of course, the phone should be in the engineering state, the subsequent product creases should continue to improve.

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As early as January 2019 Xiaomi co-founder and Xiaomi Group Vice Chairman Lin Bin showed Xiaomi folding screen engineering phone, but at that time the phone used a double-folding scheme, and finally did not launch the market. In addition, late last year, DSCC founder and CEO @Ross Young broke the news that Xiaomi is expected to launch three folding screen phones in 2021. They are external folding type, internal folding type and flip type, which is the current mainstream three forms.

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