Xiaomi Opens The MIUI Leader Weibo Q: Preparing for MIUI 11


The MIUI afternoon notice “8 o’clock” was unveiled. Although it was not the MIUI 11 official announcement, Guan Weijun said that ” it is indeed preparing for MIUI 11.”

Specifically, from March 20th, the MIUI person in charge will be officially launched online. Each period will invite MIUI business executives to listen to the users’ suggestions and suggestions online and interact in the comment area.

The first issue was invited by MIUI system function leader @MIUI Gao Chengxing and MIUI Forum and the head of Xiaomi Community @MIUI Huang Jian. As of press time, the questions that have been answered include “Liu Haiping pull down the notification bar to check the power is being done” “Double card signal icon display logic is combing” “Millet 9 anti-missing is doing” and so on.

Back to MIUI 11, last year’s MIUI10 was released on May 31, nearly a year ago, but the MIUI 11 project started at the beginning of this year, inferring from the time rhythm, it may take several months to continue polishing.

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Xiaomi’s 2018 financial report released yesterday showed that MIUI’s monthly life has reached 242 million.

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