Xiaomi Product Director: Redmi 7 is No Longer A Three-Stage Body


Xiaomi officially launched Redmi Redmi Note 7, equipped with Snapdragon 660 processor, priced at 999 yuan. Then Lei Jun preheated the redmi on Weibo, indicating that the price of redmi is about seven or eight hundred yuan, and hopes that everyone can give more opinions to the redmi 7 to facilitate subsequent improvement.

Some peoples said that “seven or eight hundred can get 660?” “636, 660 can’t think”. Some peoples ridiculed that “just a little, there is an 845.” On the specific configuration, some netizens suggested that they should be friendly to the elderly, the words are bigger, and the operation is simpler. Some netizens proposed to join the agency certification eye screen, Lei Jun responded that “received.”

Although the peoples made many suggestions, the official has not clearly stated which opinions will be adopted. Until yesterday, Xiaomi officially stated that the design of the body of the redmi 7 will change.

Yesterday, Wang Teng, the product director of Xiaomi Company, said that “the mobile phone department’s year-end summary, the boss of our design department quoted a lot of people’s spit on us, we all received criticisms from us,” and the map of the netizens. Judging from the official map, the most common one is the same mobile phone design and lack of innovation.

Some Peoples said in the comment area that “Hope redmi 7 is not a three-stage fuselage”, Wang Teng, product director of Xiaomi Company, replied “as you wish”, it seems that although the redmi 7 is positioned at the price of seven or eight hundred yuan, it is designed again. Xiaomi still worked hard, I don’t know what kind of design the redmi 7 will show.

Regarding the positioning of Xiaomi’s independent brand “Redmi”, Lei Jun said that “the millet and the red rice are separated, and each develops in different directions, and the millet brand can be made better. Redmi focuses on the most cost-effective, focusing on the e-commerce market. Xiaomi focuses Mid-to-high end and new retail.”

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Although Redmi focuses on cost-effectiveness, Lei Jun said that Redmi will also launch the flagship phone and ask questions about the naming of the red rice flagship on Weibo. Netizens who have opened their brains have also put forward suggestions such as “Supremi”, “Redmi R19”, “Redmi 2019”, and peoples pointed out that the flagship of Redmi is not called Red Flag, “Redmi HQ”.

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