Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A 4GB/64GB Advanced Version Design, Antutu, Game, Battery, Camera Review


On August 21, 2017, Xiaomi has released a new phone in redmi series, Redmi Note 5A, selling at 699 yuan, $110 for standard version and advanced version at 899 yuan, $150. Although they both call Redmi Note 5A, they are different in hardware and design. But today we will test Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A advanced version for you. As you know it will be the second phone aiming at offline market after Xiaomi MI 5X, the advanced version has 16MP front camera for taking selfies.



Redmi note 5A doesn’t use metal material due to its cost, but it looks like metal with good appearance, it has a 5.5 inch screen, 16MP Front camera, which is the first time for Redmi to use soft light on the front.

Redmi Note 5A has combined high pixel for taking selfies, soft light with large screen , redesigning 2+1 SIM card slot, which is also good for users to use SIM cards and TF Cards separately.


Redmi Note 5A is powered by Snapdragon 435 processor, 8 core A53 processor, 28nm process, according to Antutu, it has got 45,876 points, compared with Huawei Honor Play 5c with 52380 points and Meizu M5 Note with 47372 points, Redmi Note 5A has a little gap from them.

According to Geekbench test, it has got 661 points in single core performance and 2538 points in multi-core performance, compared with Honor 5C and OPPO R9, Redmi Note 5A still has some gaps.

Huawei P8 Lite vs OPPO R9 VS Redmi Note 5A Geekbench score

According to GFXBench test, it has tested four subjects, T-Rex, Manhattan 3.0, Manhattan 3.1, Car Chase and OpenGL ES 2.0/3.0/3.1/ standard. And it has been compared with Huawei P8 Lite, OPPO R9. Check them.

According to PCMark Test, it tests its power consumption, the balance between power consumption and performance get higher scores which is better.

According to Androbench test, it tests its inner or external storage performance.

Game test
We test the popular game, Glory of the King, it can keep over 25 FPS, when group playing, it will drop to 20 FPS sometimes, running very fluently.


Redmi Note 5A has 13MP back camera, and 16MP front camera with a soft light. Let’s check the selfies samples first.

Redmi Note 5A advanced version has natural beautification effect, thanks to 16MP front camera, it has kept many details, very clearly.

And then it is the performance of softlight, in order to test softlight, find a place without much light  Because of over low brightness, we can see there is much noise. After launching the soft light, the skin looks more natural.

Check Redmi Note 5A back camera samples below.

In general, Redmi Note 5A back camera effect has been over the expectation, it has accurate color restoring, rich details, and micro distance photographing has nice background blurring effect.


Redmi note 5A uses a 3080mAh battery, so how is battery life? According to PCMark test, it can use nine hours and 35 minutes, which can catch up with MI6, so it can support one day use without problem.

In video test, it starts from 38%, after playing for one hour, it has 22% rest, only consumes 16% in one hour. Therefore, Redmi note 5A can play over 6 hours video online playing after charging full.

In game test, we test the King of Glory, from 20% to play game, after half hour, it has 11% rest, in 30 minutes it consumes 9% power. Therefore,  Redmi note 5A can play the game over 5 hours with full battery.

In Charging test, it comes with 5V/2A power adapter, charging it from 5%, it takes 110 minutes to charge full.


Redmi Note 5A advanced version is a good smartphone to enjoy some advantages like battery, camera, design, if you want a budget affordable phone with good front camera, Redmi note 5A will be the first choice. Right now Redmi Note 5A 2GB 16GB is in flash sale at $119.99,  3GB 32GB at $159.99, valid for 50 units. 4GB 64GB version will update later. Just hurry up.






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