Xiaomi Releasing Their Lefan AI Massage Chair In Just FOR 3,899 YUAN ($575)


Xiaomi company does not get tired to please fans of its products with novelties from a wide range of products. Another new product was the massage chair One-Dimensional AI Intelligent Massage Chair.

The chair will be manufactured in cooperation with LeFan Health Technology, this device is designed specifically for young audiences. The chair is equipped with an intelligent system of three-dimensional massage, which is adjusted in real time under the shape of your back for maximum effect.

Representatives of LeFan Health Technology say that the massager can cover more than 90% of the back area. It was designed with the participation of specialists from the Chinese medicine industry who were involved in the research and development stage.

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The chair is ideal for eliminating pain in the cervicothoracic spine, which many young people face. The chair offers six professional massage techniques that can be activated depending on the needs of users. Also supports voice control via smart Xiaomi speakers.

The Xiaomi Lefan AI Massage Chair will be on sale on July 26 at a price of $ 575.


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