Xiaomi Test 80W wireless Charger Used in the First Half Year


According to blogger @digital chat station broke the news that Xiaomi is testing 80W wireless flash charge, if successful, then it should be used in the first half of year to see the mass production machine listed.

Some netizens speculated that the first 80W wireless flash charge may be used on Xiaomi mi 11 Pro.
The announcement follows the launch of Xiaomi’s annual flagship Mi 11 in late December, and the rumored Mi 11 Pro was nowhere to be seen.

As an enhanced version of the Mi 11, the Mi 11 Pro is bound to take things a step further in terms of screen, imaging, charging and more.

Currently, the Mi 11 already supports 50W wireless flash charging, which is one of the models with the highest wireless charging power in the industry.

Officially, the Mi 11 uses a new custom charge pump.

In the past, the conversion efficiency of the charge pump chip was about 95% and 96%, but this time, the conversion efficiency of the customized charge pump was further improved to more than 98.5%, with higher charging efficiency and lower loss, which reduced the energy loss in the charging process from the source.

Second, the more efficient custom charge pump can also reduce the heat generated during the charging process, and the lower charging temperature further extends the duration of high-power charging and improves the charging speed.

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Now Xiaomi is about to produce commercial 80W wireless flash charging, charging speed is bound to further improve, it is worth looking forward to.


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