Xiaomi Three New Phones Accessed into the Network


Mobile phone fast charge is a must for domestic manufacturers, iQOO 10 Pro has achieved the highest 200W fast charge, but these domestic manufacturers volume competition is too fierce, 200W fast charge will be surpassed by Xiaomi new machine soon, the highest 210W.

Xiaomi will soon launch Redmi Note 12 series phones, which is the focus of this year’s Double 11. This is the iteration of Redmi Note11T series in the first half of the year. However, the version in the first half of the year focuses on the small performance flagship, while the version in the second half of the year is the positioning and experience flagship, the configuration will not change greatly, and the experience will be improved.

The online information of the three Redmi Note12 series phones has also been revealed by Kols, with details as follows:

22101316C: Redmi Note 12, 67W Charger

22101316UCP: Redmi Note 12 Pro, 120W charger

22101316UC: Redmi Note 12 Pro+, 210W charger

It is normal for Redmi Note 12 series to support 67W and 120W fast charge, but now the extra Redmi Note 12 Pro+ extra-large cup has 210W fast charge. The network information shows that the maximum voltage is 20V and the current is 10.5A.

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The 210W battery will be the new king of fast charging, the previous 120W battery can be fully charged in 20 minutes, the current fast charging should be able to charge at least 4500mAh battery in 10-15 minutes.


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