Xiaomi Water Purifier H1000G: Dual RO Reverse Filtration Technology


Xiaomi Mijia officially released a new series of water purifiers, including Xiaomi Water Purifier H1000G, Xiaomi Water Purifier H600G, and Xiaomi Water Purifier H400G, covering three levels of high, medium, and entry-level. For a long time, the Xiaomi water purifier has continuously updated its technical reserves and led the industry’s innovation. Innovative integrated waterway, light ring faucet, App intelligent control, convenient core exchange, and other functions bring users a more convenient experience, and won the “German Red Dot Design Award”, “German iF Design Award”, “American Industrial Design” Award”, “China Excellent Industrial Design Gold Award” and many other international awards. From January to August 2020, online sales volume ranks first in the industry.

The Xiaomi water purifier H1000G released this time adopts the industry’s first dual RO reverse osmosis filtration technology to further improve the water output speed, wastewater ratio, and significantly reduce the cost of replacing the core. It has become Xiaomi’s current highest-end water purifier; Xiaomi water purifier H600G also With multiple functions such as a dual outlet, side suction filter element, composite filter element, etc., it is the most popular mainstream flux level on the market, and it has become a popular choice for mid-range water purifiers; Xiaomi water purifier H400G is equipped with dual filter element 6 levels Filtration, not only the body is slim but also full-featured, and the large-throughput double outlet has become the first choice for entry-level water purifiers.

In terms of price, the Xiaomi water purifier H1000G will be available for pre-sale on October 23 at Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin, JD.com, and other channels. It will officially go on sale on November 1, priced at 3,999 yuan, with an appointment starting price of 2,999 yuan; Xiaomi Net The water purifier H600G will be available for pre-sale in the Xiaomi Tmall flagship store at 0:00 on October 21, and the deposit is expected to be paid at only 1899 yuan, and the retail price is 2499; the Xiaomi water purifier H400G will be available from October 21 to October The pre-sale activity was opened on the 31st. The official price is 1999 yuan. During the pre-sale period, the pre-sale deposit is 100 yuan to 600 yuan. If you pay the balance on the day of the first release on November 1, you can enjoy the ultra-low early adopter price of 1,499 yuan.

For a long time, the homogeneity of products in the water purifier industry is serious and price competition is fierce. In the process of using water purifiers, users of water purifiers have put forward higher requirements for water output, core replacement costs, and wastewater ratio. Therefore, as a technological leader in the water purifier industry, Xiaomi further solves the problems of water output speed, wastewater ratio, and core replacement cost that users are most concerned about, and launched the Xiaomi water purifier H1000G, which is the Xiaomi water purifier with the largest flow rate so far. The industry’s first dual RO reverse osmosis filtration technology is adopted. This technology has applied for a technical patent, which further solves the current pain points of users.

The Mi Water Purifier H1000G adopts the classic minimalist design style of Mijia. The appearance is mainly pure white, clean, and elegant. The body size is only 429.5×158.5×427mm. It has a small body design without a can under the kitchen. It is exquisite and does not occupy space. Installation requirements of some Chinese-style homes. The filter element of the water purifier adopts a new generation of horizontal-drawing filter element design. The front cover is lifted from the front of the water purifier, and the element can be easily replaced. It is simple and convenient, and it is done in 4 steps. In addition, the Xiaomi water purifier H1000G is equipped with an on-screen smart faucet, and the OLED screen transmits in real-time so that the running status of the water purifier and the life of the filter element are clear at a glance.

There are two RO membranes inside the water purifier. The wastewater filtered by the first main RO membrane is filtered again by the second small RO membrane. Compared with the 4-stage filtration of ordinary water purifiers, Xiaomi Water Purifier H1000G can Reach 8 levels of fine filtration, the removal rate of viruses and bacteria is as high as 99.99%. In addition, in order not to waste a drop of water easily, and to further improve the filtration efficiency, the Xiaomi Water Purifier H1000G can achieve a stable 3:1 pure waste ratio. This pure wastewater ratio has exceeded the national level 1 water efficiency, and the water cost is again compression.

In addition, as the water purifier with the largest flow rate of Xiaomi so far, the water purifier H1000G of Xiaomi Water Purifier H1000G can purify 1000 gallons in 24 hours. Simply put, 2.5L of pure water can be filled in one minute, and the purified water is completely It meets the national standard for packaged drinking water and can be consumed directly. If converted to the most common disposable water cup, it will be filled in about three seconds.

As China’s leading AIoT brand, Xiaomi Water Purifier H1000G also supports smart linkage with mobile phones. After connecting to the Mijia APP, the life of the filter element, water quality status, and water consumption can be viewed remotely by the mobile phone, and the purchase link for purchasing a suitable filter element can be viewed with one click, which is very convenient.

At present, in the water purifier market, there are generally 400G, 600G, 800G, 1000G, or higher flux products. The greater the flux, the faster the water flow, and the shorter the waiting time for receiving water. In recent years, with the cost reduction brought about by technological progress, and the pursuit of user experience has gradually increased. The growth rate of 600G is remarkable, gradually replacing 400G, and will soon become the new most popular level of flux. Compared with 400G flux, 600G flux can be half faster in water output speed, which is more suitable for users who pursue user experience.

The Xiaomi water purifier H600G adopts the “dual water outlet” technology. In addition to the direct drinking water switch of the faucet, an additional domestic water switch is added. When using domestic water, the tap water only passes through the composite filtration, does not pass through the RO filter element, does not consume the life of the RO filter element, and does not produce wastewater. In scenarios where users do not need to drink water directly, such as washing vegetables, washing dishes, etc., a lower-cost and more convenient water purification option is provided.

The Xiaomi water purifier H600G combines the filter element into two. Compared with the traditional four filter elements, the dual filter element design can greatly reduce the frequency of filter element replacement. However, the number of filter elements is reduced. Thanks to the new design of composite filter elements, the filter level has been upgraded from the previous 4-level filtration to the 6-level filtration, and RO reverse osmosis technology is also used. And in design, in order to make it easier for users to replace the filter element, the position of the filter element is changed to the side, and the user can easily replace the filter element without moving the machine like a top suction filter element.

At the same time, the pipeline-interface of the Mi Water Purifier H600G has also been changed to the top, reducing the bending of the pipeline and making the installation work easier to operate; most importantly, the Mi Water Purifier H 600G has also greatly reduced the volume of the body. The height is only 351mm, which can be adapted to a variety of under-kitchen spaces, even directly under the basin.

The Xiaomi water purifier H600G is designed with a “user-oriented” product design principle, which makes this product continuously improve in many aspects and details so that the user experience is also increasing. I believe it can become a popular choice among mainstream flux products.

As an entry-level product of water purifier, Xiaomi water purifier H400G can meet the daily water demand of ordinary households. And reach a 2:1 pure wastewater ratio, 2 cups of pure water, 1 cup of wastewater. The rated total net water volume reaches 4000L. It also adopts a dual-outlet design with pure and direct drinking water on one side to meet the needs of daily drinking and cooking. The domestic water on the other side meets the cleaning needs, no wastewater is generated, and the life of the RO reverse osmosis membrane is greatly extended.

In addition, the Mi Water Purifier H400G adopts a dual filter element structure and no water storage tank design, through 6 levels of layered filtration to create healthy drinking water: PP cotton filter layer filters out sediment and rust; the front activated carbon rod effectively absorbs different colors and odors, Residual chlorine and some organics; scale inhibitors effectively prevent system scaling and extend the service life of reverse osmosis membranes; high-quality RO reverse osmosis membranes can deeply filter out odors, arsenic, lead, E. coli and other harmful substances; post activated carbon rods to further improve Taste; fine non-woven fabric intercepts toner particles and reduces black water problems.

The Mi Water Purifier H400G adopts an integrated waterway design. The body is compact, with a slim body of 334mm×395mm×120mm, which can free up more storage space for cabinets and is convenient for small-sized families. It is also equipped with a front-drawing filter element, so you don’t need to move the body in and out when changing the element, and you can change the element automatically with one screw and one extraction. Connecting to Mijia APP can also monitor water quality in real-time and view the life of the filter element. The life of the RO reverse osmosis filter element can be used for up to 24 months.

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It is worth mentioning that Mi Water Purifier H400G also supports free on-site installation in 300+ cities, and the installation is completed in 30 minutes, in one step. At the same time, it provides high-quality products and services and becomes the first choice of users in the entry market of water purifiers.


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