Xiaomi Xprint Phone Photo Printer Design, Features Review, Now Sale On @TOMTOP (Coupon Inside)


All ready for the 153rd time (!) Brings the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi a funded via crowdfunding product on the market. The XPRINT Pocket AR Photo Printer is a mobile printer that can do much more than just print. Xiaomi Xprint Phone Photo Printer – a modern device that will help revitalize the most important moments. This progressive gadget will definitely be appreciated by young people, keeping pace with the times. The Xiaomi Xprint Phone Photo Printer is out in the market and now available on the TOMTOP.


Xiaomi Xprint Phone Photo Printer has a restrained appearance and is in perfect harmony with other elements. The photo printer has a relatively small size so that it can easily be made to the user by the user during walks or traveling. The size of the gadget can be compared to a standard smartphone, it can easily fit in a women’s bag or backpack. The compact printer is made in a classic white body. With dimensions of 13.3 x 8.0 x 2.7 cm and a weight of 237 g, the XPRINT is a compact photo printer, which should send us back a bit to the past of the Polaroid photos. Photos can be printed directly from the smartphone, but only in the size of 5.4 x 8.6 cm at 291 x 294 pixels. Bluetooth and NFC connect to the smartphone. This will support all Android devices from Android 5.0 and iOS devices from iOS 9.0.

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As can already be read from the product name, the highlight of the mini-printer is the “AR”. With the associated app (name not yet known) can take pictures, which are then in turn linked to a short video of the recorded moment. If one holds a printed photo in the camera of the smartphone, the picture becomes “mobile” by being superimposed by the video moment. So it looks like a video is playing on the printed photo. According to Xiaomi, this process should last only 0.28 seconds and be recorded at 120 fps. A nice gimmick to capture memories with the help of moving pictures. The printer itself has a 650 mAh battery, which can be recharged, among other things, with a power bank. Thus, the printer is also suitable for traveling. Up to 10 strips of paper can be packed in the printer at the same time. Xiaomi Xprint Phone Photo Printer can easily connect to any smartphone, tablet or other device based on Android or iOS. It’s enough just to establish a connection using Bluetooth. At the output, the user receives a real photo size of 54 * 86 mm. In addition to its progressive nature, the Xiaomi Xprint Phone Photo Printer has another significant bonus. The printed photos have the status AR, that is cards are obtained with augmented reality. That is, the paper does not display a static picture at all, the photos live really. At first glance – the usual photos, at the sight of the camera smartphone begin to move.


XPRINT Pocket AR Photo Printer is a device that will become an indispensable ally for users who value every moment of their life! The Xiaomi Xprint Phone Photo Printer with  with Printing Paper 20 Pcs is out in the market and now available on the TOMTOP at $109.79 by using Coupon Code: HY6XZ and 220 points to enjoy price, by the way, here is the Xiaomi XPRINT Phone Photo Printer itself has a coupon code: SITE5OFF and 220 points to enjoy it at $104.29.


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