Xiaomi Youpin FED Fitness Bike Now Pre-Ordered For Only $74.99


Recently, the Xiaomi Youpin FED Fitness Bike was launched on Xiaomi Youpin. This mini fitness magnetic bike is priced at 699 yuan, and reservations are now open, and the price is 499 yuan. Friends who like fitness can consider putting a FED office home mini fitness magnetron car at home to feel the fun of exercise at any time. 

The FED office and home mini fitness magnetic bike adopt the magnetic control resistance design, and the resistance is generated by the magnetic control cutting, which brings you a different smooth experience. At the same time, this mini fitness magnetic bike supports eight-speed resistance adjustment to meet users’ different exercise needs in different periods.

It equipped with a multi-function display, distance, revolutions, calories, time, and other information that are clear at a glance. It is worth mentioning that the magnetron car has a built-in flywheel and a fully enclosed shell to avoid scratches or pinching, making it safer to use; the surface of the body is covered with environmentally friendly spray paint, which provides comprehensive protection and is durable.

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This Xiaomi Youpin FED Fitness Bike is very exquisite and mini. It covers an area of ​​less than 0.2 square meters. It can be placed and used anywhere, and it is easy to move. This means that you can also exercise while sitting on the sofa, and you can also exercise while sitting on an office chair, which is simply the gospel of “lazy people”. For home users and office users, such mini fitness equipment is really convenient and practical.


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