Xiaomi Youpin Has a 96W Charger: 2A + 3C Five-Port Output Can Reach 5 Ordinary Charging


Xiaomi Youpin launched a C-bit high-energy charger, 96W high power, 2A3C five-port output, compatible with notebooks, with British and European regulations and US regulations, priced at 249 yuan.

The C-bit high-energy charger is specially designed for business people with USB-C high-power output. One charger can reach 5 ordinary chargers. It can charge a variety of electrical appliances such as mainstream electronic products and digital devices in the market, with a rated power of 96W and a peak value of 105W. The main C port can continuously output 60W, which can meet the daily charging of electronic equipment for the entire family of equipment, improving efficiency and space.

Its dual A port supports multi-protocol fast charging, which can charge most electronic devices such as mobile phones or tablets that support fast charging at high speed, and supports micro-current charging. The main C port can charge the notebook with stable 60W, and the second dual C port supports 18W fast charging.

The C-bit high-energy charger comes with European, British, and American plugs and a 1-meter-long Chinese-standard power cord, enabling a wide range of users worldwide. At the same time, the AC 100-240V wide voltage input breaks through the voltage limit and meets the charging needs of traveling in different countries.

The high-energy charger can be used upright on the power strip, and the design of the pins at different angles can make the space of the power strip larger, without wasting the socket; you can also use the power cord, and place the charging station on the desktop, which can stand upright and flat. , Flexible use.

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