Xiaomi Youpin Smart Sleep Aid Mattress Now on Crowdfunding


Xiaomi Youpin Smart Sleep Aid Mattress has been launched, which uses the rhythmic movement of a flexible airbag and cooperates with temperature control to relax your body and help you fall asleep quickly.

Its full name is “Blupeace Smart Sleeping Mattress”, which integrates wave-type rhythmic temperature massage, wakes up in the morning, and relaxes the waist and legs. It can be used on existing mattresses, or directly on tatami mats and the floor. use. In terms of price, the 0.9mx2m model is 999 yuan, the 1.5mx2m model is 1799 yuan, and the 1.8mx2m model is 1999 yuan.

The Xiaomi Youpin Smart Sleep Aid Mattress has a built-in egg-shaped structure sponge with more than 2,000 support points, imitating a finger belly massage, which can well disperse body pressure.

The NTC temperature sensor is built into the mattress, and the intelligent constant temperature keeps the bed temperature in a comfortable range all night. The temperature can be set through the Mijia APP, and the temperature can be controlled by zones. The mattress supports four modes: sleep aid, morning waking, relaxation, and legs.

The relaxation mode uses airbags to inflate and simulate the action of twisting and pushing the waist, releasing pressure on the waist and allowing the muscles of the waist to relax sufficiently. The beautiful leg mode can make the calf raise and fall reciprocating, massage the tight calf muscles to relax

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The user can set the wake-up time in the Mijia App, and the mattress will start the wake-up procedure on time to simulate the stretching of the back and back so that the brain and body will slowly wake up.


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