Xiaomi’s Redmi Launches its First Smart TV: With 70 inches 4K UHD Display


Lu Weibing, the general manager of Redmi, announced on Weibo the sales target of the first new TV product of Redmi: double the current domestic 70-inch TV market!

First of all, Lu Weibing briefly introduced the current status of the domestic TV market: “At present, the monthly sales of the Chinese TV market is around 3.3 million, the market for 70-inch giant screens is about 3%, and the 70-inch single size is about 1%, which is 3- 40,000 units .” In other words, Lu Weibing hinted that the sales target of the Redmi 70-inch TV is also 30,000-30,000 units/month.

At the same time, he also revealed that the sales of Redmi TV are very optimistic: “Today, the Redmi TV team has opened a Redmi TV complex, and the Redmi giant TV 70 吋 first batch of stock has been booked, user/redmi to giant screen The demand is very strong! Currently speeding up production.”

Redmi Red TV’s first product is equipped with a 70-inch 4K ultra-HD giant screen, its display area is more than 60% than the mainstream 55-inch, the cost is more than doubled, while the Redmi emphasizes 70-inch giant screen The best viewing distance is 1.9-2.8 meters, even if the small living room is placed.

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Redmi TV 70-inch price 3799 yuan, September 10 at 10 am the first sale of the whole network, the first deposit during the deposit of 100 yuan can be reached 500 yuan, the actual hand price is only 3399 yuan!

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