YEPO 737S Laptop with Z8350 SoC Design, Hardware, Feature, Review with Coupon


In today’s review we will speak of Yepo 737s with Intel Z8350 processor, a ultrabook, clone of the MacBook Air 13-inch which is characterized by a price very content and a fair allocation technique into account, precisely the value for money. By the way, we have made the review about Yepo 737S with Z8300 processor before.

Technical specifications

As by now are used to seeing in many products (including tablets and ultrabook) Chinese production sold in this price range, the device mounts a processor 64-bit Intel Atom Z8350 Cherry Trail X5 , characterized by four core X86 flanked by 2 MB of cache, manufactured with the manufacturing process to 14 nanometers and with an operating frequency of 1.44 GHz , with a maximum speed of 1.84 GHz.


The GPU is a classic integrated Intel HD Graphics of the eighth generation of 12 units of calculation to 200-500 MHz  The Yepo 737s features well 4 GB of RAM LPDDR3 from 1066 MHz single-channel and, as already mentioned, the model has proven well 128 GB of eMMC memory.

The display features a panel 13.3-inch IPS with a resolution of Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels and, in spite of the tablet processor, there is no touch function.


The installed battery has a capacity of 8000 mAh while the dimensions are 33,50 x 22,50 cm for a thickness of 1.80 cm , course closed. All this for a weight of 1,250 grams , for a product of this size, are very few.

Since the thickness tapering towards the front side (this being, aesthetically, a clone of the MacBook Air), the doors are arranged at the both sides , all in the vicinity of the screen belts. To be precise, on the left side are a USB 2.0 port , the connector for charging , the input for the mini jack 3.5 mm and the microphone . On the right side, however, there are another USB 2.0 , video output micro-HDMI , and a slot for SD cards . Above the display, then, it is a camera of 0.3 mega-pixels .


From the point of view of connectivity, it lacks the Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0 , while there is no 3G/4G connectivity. The installed operating system is Microsoft Windows 10 , in English, but you can download the Italian language without any problems.


The keyboard not backlit, has larger keys than the MacBook Pro and has the US layout , the trackpad is large but has some flaws that we will see later.

Design and construction

Speaking of design , there is to reiterate that this Yepo looks like a clone almost identical to the MacBook Air, which incorporates the shape, color, and, even, the illuminated logo on the back of the screen that, in this case, instead of be the classic bitten apple of Apple, is simply the name of the manufacturer.

Comparing them closely, however, some differences emerge, as this Yepo is wider MacBook at least one centimeter and is provided with a thickness significantly greater , also amplified by the presence of some grommets which space the screen from the keyboard when closed.

If aesthetically the materials of the two device looks identical, to the touch (and weight) there is a clear difference. The Yepo 737s is characterized by a metal body which, however, appears very thin and gives a plastic feel especially on the back of the screen.

Moreover, the part below the keyboard is screwed to the housing in a way which reveals in a clear manner a not perfect assembly . The same can be said of the frame , not thin, the screen that appears leaning and not very adherent to the glass (among other things also coming slightly to cover the top edge, and the trackpad , it housed not perfectly.

In essence, this Yepo 737s demonstrates its inexpensiveness from the constructive point of view, even if the look remains pleasant and, instead, impresses the quality of the keyboard , certainly above the average compared to the devices of this price range and, for some aspects, even more conveniently of the same MacBook, because it has larger keys and with a slightly greater stroke.


The panel IPS installed has a diagonal of 13.3 inches in 16: 9 for a resolution Full HD of 1920 x 1080, able to guarantee a good definition, also higher than that of the MacBook Air 2011 with which the I compared. The brightness appears good , as well as the reflectivity . Also good color rendering , with faithful color reproduction and deep enough blacks . Just to be picky, the whites are tending a little ‘to the yellow-greenish.

Good viewing angles, with the only problem of the frame that, from certain angles, the view takes in very small portions of the screen.


How often are faced with products from China in this price range, the mounted processor is the well known Intel Atom Z8350 Cherry Trail X5 , which guarantees performance of a good standard for basic operations , more than good for web browsing, watching streaming movies and the use of word processors. As always happens in these cases, the only problems may arise in the reading of PDF particularly heavy.


The temperatures also do not get up never excessively and consumption are very low. The 4 GB of RAM are very useful for the smooth functioning of the system, even in the face of a multi-tasking user, even though there are some small lag .

Only in the average read and write speed , the use of symptom not particularly fast memories . Too bad, then, for the presence of ports USB 2.0 at least one USB 3.0 could make a difference, since the standard is now also spread to lower-cost devices of this Yepo.

As for the graphic industry , pointing out that the game can definitely be considered one of the highlights of this ultrabook, it must be said that, thanks to the breakthrough achieved by Intel in this eighth generation of GPU you can, play most of the games designed for the mobile industry, although not with the details to the maximum.

The real flaw , however, is represented by the trackpad which I found really uncomfortable: the fact that it is not able to perceive a second touch when making a click greatly limits its usability, as it is virtually impossible to carry out, for example, the selection of multiple files. Simply click, then, is particularly difficult and, therefore, will need to use an external mouse to have an experience of acceptable use.

Autonomy and connectivity


The installed battery is a unit of 8000 mAh which, combined with very little energy consuming processor, can provide a good autonomy , dependent on the type of use. With a medium-intense use you reach the 6 hours of battery life.

What struck negatively, however, it is the slowness in charge that took about three hours and a half .

Regarding the connectivity , however, the reception Wi-Fi (b / g / n) type is stable and I have never given any particular problems. No problem also with the Bluetooth 4.0 while, as regards the USB ports, note that these are only compatible with the 2.0 standard, slowing of fact the most modern external memories.



The camera of 0.3 mega-pixels is really poor quality, and even if the video does not allow a decent use. Any other use (such as take pictures or videos) is, therefore, not recommended.

No problem in the reproduction of video , even in 4K , while for the ‘ audio is there to say that this Yepo 737s does not provide a great sound performance and speakers , at the rear, reproduce sound in a flat and sounds seem distant . The stereo systems, also, is hardly perceptible making, in fact, the ‘ of very negative listening experience , the maximum volume is, then, very low. The situation improves in the headphones, but without particularly shine.



On the software front, we installed Windows 10 without any application installed, although I happened to find a pop-up in China’s first open the Windows Store. The system is in English but can be translated completely in Italian in the system options, although this could be tricky for inexperienced users.

Another oddity is that, although we are not in the presence of a touchscreen display, the system is set by default in tablet mode , which are however easily disable the notifications menu.

I had some problem in ‘ exit from standby mode , where sometimes we had to wait some time before the system recognize the touches to the keyboard or trackpad, and I experienced some freeze the system , even in the use of bland situations.


This Yepo 737s has from her the fact of having a larger screen than most tablets and ultrabook Chinese and able to offer a good color rendering , as well as a very comfortable keyboard and a look, all in all, pleasant (is that of the MacBook Air), a very large internal memory as well as a very low weight and a good autonomy. The pro , than other solutions in the same price range, however, end there .

The low quality of the trackpad and the ‘ audio below average make it useful primarily to those who are in need of an ultraportable device to write, surf the Internet or watch movies (of course using headphones) and is definitely not recommended for anyone who needs to perform more complex operations .

The low quality of the trackpad and the ‘ audio below average make it useful primarily to those who are in need of an ultraportable device to write, surf the Internet or watch movies (of course using headphones) and is definitely not recommended for anyone who needs to perform more complex operations .

Right now you can catch the coupon code: VIPTableta13 at $212.51 for Yepo 737S with Z8350 processor and RAM 4GB ROM 64GB and RAM 4GB ROM 128GB at $230.30 .

Update on Sept.14, 2017:  here is coupon code: YEPO   at $169.99 for 50 units YEPO 737S Z8350 version


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