YouTube to MP3 Converters: download videos from Youtube to your mobile or PC for free


Many forget how important the MP3 format remains in the 21st century. With many devices able to playback MP3, there has been little innovation in this line considering how 3GP and AAC formats disappeared as MKV and MP4 took over. 

Songs, podcasts, shows, audiobooks and more all come in mp3 formats allowing users to playback their favorite audio in any device available to them. In this article, we will go over how you can download videos from YouTube using a YouTube to mp3 online converter.

An efficient YouTube to MP3 converter

The YouTube downloader Go-mp3 is a 100% online YouTube mp3 converter that allows users to download videos from YouTube to their device. Now you may be wondering what a YouTube to MP3 downloader is? Well, these have been around for well over a decade. So, if you really want to download videos from YouTube, stick around as we will show you how to use online video converters. But before that, let’s go over YouTube to MP3 converters and benefits of these websites.

YouTube is the single biggest source of videos on the internet. It has over billions of hours of content produced by YouTubers. You can easily find movies to tv shows to songs, podcasts and more. YouTube has more content on it than all other streaming services combined. This means that you will find everything and anything on it. This is why YouTube to MP3 converters have risen to fame. 

Instead of purchasing content on the internet, users are now using YouTube to MP3 converters to get their daily dose of videos without having to use the internet. This is perfect if you’re on the go and do not have access to the internet, simply download content before your trip on your device and be on your way. 

Advantages of

The Youtube converter Go-mp3 is a reliable solution to downloading YouTube videos. It is clutter free without any ads which makes it very easy to use the website without stumbling on ads which can unintentionally download malware on your system. Malware can steal your personal information which can lead to other troubles. 

The online mp3 converter does not have any premium packages or a subscription model. This means that the website and its services are completely free to use. There are simply no restrictions on it unlike other online YouTube to MP3 converters and this is why we love using it over other websites. You do not have to wait for 24 hours to pass before downloading 5 more files or pay for downloading heavy content.

Some YouTube to MP3 converter websites have limits on the length of video you can convert from YouTube however there are no limits on Go-mp3. You can convert files as small as a minute or as large as a complete documentary, it will convert it easily without any hiccups. 

How to use

Using the Youtube to mp3 converter is very simple. Launch their website and paste the URL of the video you wish to convert in the URL tab provided on their homepage. Click on search and the website will search the video over YouTube and bring forward the details of the video for you to go through. If the video is the one you want to convert, press convert and it will start to convert immediately before downloading it to your system. Once done, simply press the homepage to go back to the starting screen. 

Now you can convert more than 1 video with Go-mp3 as there are no limits. Once on the homepage, repeat the process mentioned above as many times as you’d like to download as many videos as you want. 


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