YU XIANG F03 Review – 6-axis Gyro RC Helicopter at $66.99 From TOMTOP


Let’s meet a super unique flybarless 3D helicopter which is designed for RC helicopter fans. The YU XIANG F03 helicopter with 6-axis Gyro is very sturdy, which is suit for kids and beginners to play as no serious damage after many times crashes. The anti-inference 2.4 frequency allows several aircraft can fly simultaneously in the same space.


YU XIANG F03 RC Helicopter adopt flybarless design, cancel the traditional balancing pole structure, electronic stabilization system, hand feeling is more accurate, the flight is more stable, optimize the structure and reduce the damage probability. Undercarriage and mainframe use PA66+GF (nylon and glass fiber) composite, have high intensity, high toughness, no deformation, resistance.to collision, ensure flight accuracy, and durable use. Propeller uses air dynamic principle design, offers strong power, and body stability. Have high efficiency, power saving, can fly longer. Blade use nylon and carbon fiber, with high intensity, high toughness, resistance to collision.

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YU XIANG F03 RC Helicopter built-in 6-axis gyro makes the flight more stable and precise, especially suitable for beginners to fly. Use air pressure fixed height module, integrated algorithm, limit climb, descend rate, making beginners master quickly, lower the probability for the plane to be damaged in a very high extent. Use 050 strong magnet core motor and specially-made 8520 coreless motor, strong dynamic power output, more power-saving, stable, and sensitive than average motor. Has high efficiency 4.3g digital rudder controller, high torque quick responding, back inaccurate characteristic, responding rate 60°/0.05ms. YU XIANG F03 RC Helicopter comes with a 3.7V 700mAh 20C lipo battery; high discharge rate, provides 15-20mins use time; longer duration of the flight, making it more exciting. The 2.4GHz communication protocol can expand the satellite receiver to support the DSMX DSM2 PPM SBUS system.


The high-efficiency brushless motor makes the YU XIANG F03 RC Helicopter much powerful. Thanks to two brushless motors, it features a powerful 3D flight performance. The perfect choice for RC fans. We Can buy it from TOMTOP at $66.99 and Delivered by Duty-Free Shipping


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