Zorra VoIP – The Perfect Communication Channel for Your Business During the Lockdown


The imposition of social restrictions due to the pandemic has made many companies have to arrange some adjustments to adapt, from marketing strategies to internal communication strategies & its mediums whether via telephone, instant messaging, or business VOIP. Especially when most companies currently implement remote work systems.

Likewise, when things start to become normal again and staff are back to work in the office, organizations have to readjust their communication flow. It means companies must implement flexible ways of communicating.

Why is this important?

Smooth communication is a determining factor in building a solid enterprise. Without a two-way understanding, it will be difficult to develop. This not only includes conversations between two people, but also includes the flow of information, discussions between departments, and relations with external parties.

The channel used is also important. Are interactions done via telephone, video call, chat, email, or other? The selected medium could determine the smoothness of the conversation.

How to develop a communication strategy?

You should think about the whole team’s flow of communication. How are interactions carried out? What means are used? What if there is a problem that requires coordination between departments? Has the relationship with the client been effective?

These things must be thought carefully. Analyze the constraints you have faced & monitor the systems in your organization so you know what should be improved and developed.

How to choose the right channels?

One of the most important things in choosing a channel is that it is relevant to everyone’s everyday life. Because today is the age of technology, it means the medium must be able to be used digitally.

Another aspect that also needs attention is whether the channel can be used on a mobile basis? This is especially important as most corporations have employees who frequently spend their work time outside of the office.

Understanding these behaviors as well as your organization needs will make it easier to choose the right channel. If you are seeking a flexible, accessible, and guaranteed quality tool, business VOIP providers are the right service.

VOIP phone service for business makes it possible to make calls over a variety of devices at a stable quality & lower costs. In addition, VOIP for business also does not require large devices. Just with the internet connection, you’ll be able to instantly make calls and send messages.

What’s the best VOIP service for small businesses?

SME owners may be wondering, is there a suitable service for me? Zorra technology has several advantages that bring many benefits to you. In addition to a stable connection, you’ll be able to connect several phone servers to one network.

You can also make calls to almost any country in the world at a much lower cost than using a traditional telephone. The API feature allows users to access data statistics so performance analysis is able to be carried out accurately. If you have a problem, Zorra technical support is available 24/7 so you don’t have to worry. All of these features can be accessed at affordable costs so they do not overwhelm the budget. Contact us for more information & optimize your communication strategy now.


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