ZTE Axon 30S Smartphone with Full Screen Preheats


On May 9 this year, ZTE released two full-screen phones, the Axon 40 Pro/Ultra. Yesterday, ZTE officially announced that it will release ZTE Axon 30S full-screen phone on September 26. Today, ZTE officials brought a warm-up message for the phone.

According to ZTE, ZTE Axon 30S weighs 192g, is 7.8mm thick and will be more comfortable to hold. As you can see from the image,  ZTE Axon 30S has a slim volume button and a power button, both located on the right side of the phone. At the same time, ZTE Axon 30S will feature a moderately prominent rear lens module in both black and blue colors.

Yesterday, ZTE released images of the front of the top half of the ZTE Axon 30S handset. As you can see from the image, ZTE Axon 30S will continue the previous downscreen camera, bringing a full screen.

geekphone has learned that ZTE Axon 30-screen downscreen camera was released in August 2021 with a 16-megapixel front-screen downscreen lens, 120 Hz high screen, and Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chip, priced from 2,198 yuan.

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In May this year, ZTE released its Axon40 series phones, among which ZTE Axon40 Ultra brings a new third-generation in-screen camera technology, which uses a new 400PPI flexible in-screen camera. Full screen blue diamond arrangement, independent pixel driver, distributed transparent circuit, UDC Pro display chip, 2.24μm equivalent large pixel, proactive imaging algorithm 3.0, priced from 4998 yuan.


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