Brand Xiaomi Flash SALE Starts Now From Gearbest(Coupon Limited)


Currently, Xiaomi as one of the most famous electronics brands has released many smartphones this year, and some popular gadgets, such as Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 3, Redmi Pro, Xiaomi MI VR, Due to Xiaomi MI5S coming, Xiaomi has reduced Xiaomi MI5 price hard. Therefore, it will be the best time to catch Xiaomi MI5 now. And we also have got the exclusive coupon from Gearbest for our users. Check what you are interested.

1) XiaoMi Redmi 3 16GB SLIVER
Coupon code: 4GSmart
SP: $116.99

2) XiaoMi Redmi 3 16GB GOLDEN
Coupon code:  GB4Smart
SP: $115.99

3) XiaoMi Redmi 3 Pro 32GB GOLDEN
Coupon code: GBROM4G
SP:  $146.99

4) XiaoMi Mi5 32GB BLACK
Coupon code: Mi532
SP: $288.99

5) XiaoMi Mi5 32GB GOLDEN
Coupon code: MMi532
SP: $288.99

6) XiaoMi Mi5 32GB WHITE
Coupon code: Mi532GB4G
SP: $285.99

7) Xiaomi Redmi Pro 32GB SLIVER
Coupon code: miPro
SP: $242.99

8) Xiaomi Redmi Pro 32GB GOLDEN
Coupon code: GB4GMI
SP: $221.99

9) Xiaomi Redmi Pro 64GB SLIVER
Coupon code: miRedmiPro
SP: $247.99

10) XIAOMI Redmi Note 3 Pro 16GB SLIVER
Coupon code: XIAOMIERS
SP: 139.99

11) XIAOMI Redmi Note 3 Pro 3GB RAM 32GB ROM Gray
SP: $$177.99
Coupon code: 4GPhab

12) XIAOMI Redmi Note 3 Pro International Version Golden
Coupon code:PhabletMGB
SP: $175.99
Limited for 500 units.

Don’t forget to use Coupon code: RedmiGBE to catch XIAOMI Redmi Note 3 Pro 3GB RAM 32GB ROM at $164.99

13) Xiaomi VR Virtual Reality 3D Glasses
Coupon code:  LHXMVR
SP: $12.99

14) Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband
Coupon code: WristbaGB
SP: $27.59

15) Xiaomi mi drone
coupon code:  JRXMD
SP: $554.44

16)  Xiaomi AMAZFIT Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Smart Watch
coupon code:  GALEAZZI5
SP: $135.99
Check English translation for Xiaomi AMAZFIT  APP

17) Original Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip
Coupon code:  XMstrip
SP: 36.99usd

exclusive code:  NOTEB125
coupon price:  584.99usd

Update: you can also enjoy coupon code: Miair12  to get Xiaomi mi notebook 12 at $579.99 only limited for 100pcs.

20) xiaomi mi notebook air 13inch
coupon code:  XAIR13IV
SP: $887

21) Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Coupon code:  XIAOMIVAC
SP: $360.99

22) Original Xiaomi Mi Electric Water Kettle – 1.5L
Coupon code: MIKETTLE
SP: $52.99

23) Original XiaoMi Mi Pad 64GB ROM
Coupon code:  MiPad64G
SP: $119.99

24) Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 3GB RAM 4G Phablet – GOLDEN
Coupon code: NOTE4G
SP: $191.99

25) Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 3GB RAM 4G Phablet – SILVER
Coupon code: NOTE4S
SP: $191.99

26) Xiaomi MI Band 2 
Coupon code: GBMI2
SP: $25.99

According to these coupons, we have found this is the best and cheapest price that Gearbest has provided until now. You can enjoy best service and lowest price from them now. So if you are looking forward to a Xiaomi smartphone, never miss this kind of chance to catch them on time.


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