First Pipo RK3399 Tablet PC 10.1inch Confirmed


RK3399 is a hexa core processor based on dual core, ARM Cortex-A72 and  quad core ARM Cortex-A53. It takes the latest Mali-T860MP4 GPU, which has powerful hardware to support DDR4L, Type C port and dual 13MP camera, PCL-E port,etc. However, Pipo as the partner of Rockchip has released the tablet pc with RK23066, RK3188, RK3288 processor, Therefore, it will not be surprised it will also use Rockchip processor. Yesterday, Pipo has officially confirmed its first RK3399 Tablet PC.


According to the official news, Pipo RK3399 will take 10.1inch OGS screen with 2560*1600 screen resolution. It will provide the nice visual experience for users. Besides, there are larger screen after RK3399 Tablet pc.


RK3399 has the nice features to support 4K@60fps video and HDMI2.0, which can be applied into VR line but also improve the recreational functions for tablet pcs. We can see Pipo RK3399 sample, on one side of the machine interface, lined with three ports, MircoUSB, MircoHDMI, Type – C interface. It’s estimated that  after it is released, it can be used for VR glasses. Different from the previous android tablet pc, First Pipo RK3399 tablet pc similar to Windows tablet can support magnetic suction keyboard, its OS can expand the application of wording, editing, and other simple office work.


We can see the back shell is quite simple, but it can support fingerprint scanner module to make us attractive. It’s common to see this function in smartphone, but it’s rare and powerful to support fingerprint ID in tablet pc. So what do you expect this Pipo RK3399 Tablet?


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