Huawei Ascend P10 Will Adopt Under Glass Hidden Front Facing Fingerprint ID


Huawei has always adopted its smartphone with fingerprint scanner on its back, but this time Huawei has finally decided to use front facing fingerprint ID. According to @Mocha, Huawei will announce Huawei Ascend P10 with front fingerprint scanner first. Later today, he also leaked that Huawei will not be sure to use fingerprint module on the front design like other manufacturers, but adopting the amazing technology.


To be simple, Huawei P10 will be possible to use Under Glass hidden fingerprint scanner, namely, they will put fingerprint module under glass to use non-touching method for fingerprint scanner, which is similar to Ultrasonic fingerprint.


Meanwhile, he also claimed that Huawei P10 will be the first smartphone to use this kind of design. But he also emphasized that it will be not so reliable, so will Huawei adopt this kind of design to amaze us then imitated by other manufacturers?


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