Dji Announced three New Products Today including DJI Mini 3 RC Drone


Dji will hold a new product launch, the theme of this new product is “to the Guardian”, will release industry-oriented products, not consumer products, we expect DJI mini 3 will not appear.

According to the previous revelations, this time will release three new products:

The first one is DJI M30 folding machine. As can be seen from its appearance design, the new product adopts a foldable body design, which is one circle smaller than the M300. The structure is similar to the consumer folding machine, but the wing arm is longer and looks more flexible.

The second new product is DJI RC Plus smart remote control, suitable for industrial machines and agricultural plant protection machines, using O3 Pro picture transmission technology, the maximum picture transmission is 15 km. It comes with 7.02 inch 1080P+ resolution and maximum brightness up to 1200nite.

The third new product is said to be DJI Drone nest, and its patent picture shows that the drone inside the nest is the DJI M30 folding industry machine.

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The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) can achieve centimeter-level precise takeoff and landing, high-definition line patrol and temperature measurement, real-time picture transmission of line patrol, and automatic charging of UAV, which greatly improves inspection capacity and effectively reduces manual line patrol time.


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