Get KUU Lepad 12-Inch 2K Tablet PC at €290.77 From WiiBuying (Coupon)


The KUU Lepad 12-Inch 2K Tablet PC has some interesting features that we almost never see at this price point; KUU LePad 2 in1 uses an Intel N3450 processor. The powerful quad-core processor up to 2.2GHz has better performance than dual-core processors; has lower power consumption, and can run multiple applications at the same time without interruption. In addition, it supports Type-C charging, and the 5000mAh large capacity battery can easily help you read, watch movies and play games for a long time.

The KUU Lepad is equipped with a 12-inch full-size IPS screen with a resolution of 2160 x 1440; an aspect ratio of 3: 2, and Intel HD Graphics for easy viewing of videos and web pages. Vivid colors and rich, natural picture quality from a variety of angles. Liven up every moment and keep bringing you holiday videos. Plus, its slim profile makes it easy to carry. The tablet with its metal housing and the attachable keyboard included in the scope of delivery made a positive impression.

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KUU Lepad Surface 8GB LPDDR4 memory and 256GB eMMC memory and Micro SD support (up to 256GB) let you store more photos, videos, and documents; helping you carry all your favorite The keyboard cover is not particularly stable when in use and gives way a little when typing. At the same time, the built-in fan pulsed a bit during normal use, which could bother sensitive users a little. In addition, the display was not particularly bright with an average of 256 cd / m2. KUU LePad KUU LePad comes with a 1MP front camera and 5MP rear camera to record every beautiful moment, certified by Windows 10 operating system; supports all kinds of office software.

If you are looking for a new Windows tablet and the Surface Pro 8 with its 1179 euros is too expensive; you can take a closer look at the KUU Lepad. The KUU Lepad, a new competitor to the Surface Pro is available now. In return, you get a high-resolution 3: 2 display, an attachable keyboard, and a somewhat older processor. We can buy it from WiiBuying at $349/€290.77 by using Coupon Code: WIILEPAD for Limited Time.



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