Get Smart Wireless Fishing Feeder Bait RC Boat at €59.96 From CAFAGO


Wireless Remote Control makes it possible to release bait far in the lake, and double-silo can hold more bait to allure game fishes. Easy operation for fishing lovers or beginners. If you love RC boats, you will never miss this Smart Wireless Fishing Feeder Bait RC Boat. This boat can turn left/right, go forward and backward, fantastic and easy to use. The boat can reach a speed of up to 25km/h easily. It allows you to enjoy sailing the boat far away from you since the control range is about 500m.

The Smart Wireless Fishing Feeder Bait RC Boat body adopts high-quality ABS material to inject molding, more stable and firm which can against the strong wind and wave, great outlook, exquisite workmanship, and quality. The Smart Wireless Fishing Feeder Bait RC Boat has a 1.5kg High Load Capacity, Double motors, huge loading Two separate bait tanks can be controlled separately. Super large capacity baits tank, weight is 1.5kg. It comes in excellent design, streamlined boat back design for higher speed, wind waves resistance. Front LED light design, convenient night version, effective fish attracting. The propeller cover can prevent the water grass from twinning. The fixed-speed driving function helps the boat drive straight at a constant speed and prevents it from going off course.

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With the function of automatic balance adjustment; the driving direction can be effectively controlled so that it is simple to keep driving; in a straight line and avoid excessive yaw due to wind and waves. The remote control can be achieved without blocking the signal in the range of 400-500 meters without fear of signal interference; Large-capacity Battery: It is equipped with a 5200mA large-capacity lithium battery, which features a long battery life of 3-4 hours. The Smart Wireless Fishing Feeder Bait RC Boat features two motors to provide sufficient power and comes with 3-blade propellers to increase the thrust and water transfer range in the water for better driving performance. Different battery levels will be shown with the distinguished color of the indicator light. The low-power indicator light effectively prevents the boat from driving too far to cannot return.

This Smart Wireless Fishing Feeder Bait RC Boat has a professional large torsion propeller and powerful high-speed motor so that it can be easy to run. You will be surprised at how fast it is for being a relatively small and inexpensive boat. You can buy it from CAFAGO at €59.96 in Flash Sale and Delivered by Duty-Free Shipping…


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