Get WLtoys XK X450 2.4G 6CH 3D/6G RC Airplane at €109.66 From CAFAGO


WLtoys XK X450 is a fun RC airplane with vertical takeoff and land, it can take off and land like a helicopter instead of using the runway. With a one-key switch, it can switch into airplane mode in the air; and it can also take off like a regular airplane. The perfect choice for beginners and experienced park flyers. The WLtoys XK X450 RC Airplane can’t be beaten for price and performance., Happy to be flown at speed or floating around with just a touch of the throttle. This XK 2.4G 6CH Remote Control Glider is an innovative RC airplane with 3 flight modes; vertical flight / horizontal 6G airplane flight / multi-rotor flight.

The WLtoys XK X450 RC Airplane can take off and land vertically, vertical landing, air mode conversion, and also has a combination of beginner mode and aerobatic mode, effectively solving the problem of small flight space, unable to take off, and beginners do not have the ability to take off the flight take-off and cannot take off smoothly. Multi-rotor mode Multirotor flight (four-axis), the aircraft can fly vertically like a quadcopter and helicopter. Hover flight and forward and backward left and right side fly and spin flight and a one-button take-off / one-button landing function. Vertical flight vertical crane mode; aircraft air-to-air conversion mode, set up by the horizontal flight mode, can fly vertically like the X520 and quadcopters and helicopters, hover flight; forward and backward, left and right side and spin flight.

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WLtoys XK X450 RC Airplane adopts impact-resistant engineering EPO engineering materials, built-in carbon fiber rod reinforcement, and very impact. WLtoys XK X450 RC Airplane adopts 3 1370 brushless motors; high-efficiency blades, full power, high-precision, and high-torque 9g digital steering gear 2PCS, which is used to pull the front motor. High-precision 4.3g digital steering gear controls the aircraft’s rudder surface. The aircraft adopts a 6-axis gyroscope with air pressure and high altitude; 3D/6G mode conversion, suitable for different scenes, and is more suitable for beginners to advance practice flight.

High capacity Large 11.1V lithium polymer battery with a flight time of 13 minutes or more. Customers can choose 720P HD image transmission or 2.4G WIFI. The camera can adjust the angle, vertical shooting, and 30 degrees before and after shooting. In outdoor stunt mode, after the aircraft has an airborne horizontal flight, the switch switches the 3D position. And the aircraft enters the 3D trick mode (3D lock mode); and easily makes the acrobatic roll and death stunt and other special effects. The Follow-up GPS version Increases out of control and returns to the air. One-button returns to low-voltage return and follow-up functions.

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