Honor 60 Review: 100 Megapixel High-Value, AI Smart Images


The Honor 50 series sounded the clarion call of Honor’s comprehensive counterattack, and now it has broken the upgrade routine of one generation. The Honor 60 series came out in a flash, and the Honor Digital series was officially upgraded to two generations a year. From the “beauty” of the Honor 50 series to the “beauty, let it go” of the Honor 60 series, just from the changes in Slogan, you can feel Honor’s confidence in technological innovation and its products.

Now, our fast technology has received this black jade green color matching honor 60, let’s experience this new generation of the trendy flagship.

Honor 60 focuses on high-value, AI smart images, and is naturally aimed at fashionable young people.

It adopts many glorious iconic visual elements in its appearance design. Its own aesthetic design is distinguished from other mobile phones on the market, and it is highly recognizable.

In terms of configuration, the Honor 60 uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G chip. The processor specification is composed of 4 2.4GHz A78 high-performance cores + 4 1.9GHz A55 energy-efficient cores, and the GPU is Adreno 624L GPU.

Moreover, the Snapdragon 778G also integrates the sixth-generation Qualcomm AI engine, bringing up to 12TOPS computing power, double the performance of the previous-generation platform, and also brings three ISP support, which can shoot three photos or three videos at the same time.

Your camera, after 60 glorious homes equipped with ultra-clear main 100 Megapixel camera +800 Megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens +200 Wan depth of field camera, equipped with a 32MP pre-AI lenses ESP.

In particular, this AI super-sensing lens is not only used for selfies, Honor also introduced AI gesture recognition technology for the first time through in-depth training and learning of the Snapdragon 778G, which brings users a unique Vlog shooting method, which can be more convenient anytime, anywhere. , Record the good life from more angles.

In addition, the quality of the mobile phone screen is also very good, 6.67 inches OLED super curved screen, 2400 × 1080 resolution, and also supports 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, 1.07 billion color display, 5 million:1 contrast ratio.

Let’s take a look at the specific performance of the Honor 60. The picture below shows the specific parameters of the Honor 60.

Design & Appearance

The front of Honor 60 uses a 6.67-inch OLED super curved screen with a resolution of 2400×1080 and a PPI of 395. It supports dynamic intelligent 120Hz high refresh display and also supports 1.07 billion color displays and 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut. The contrast ratio has reached 5 million:1, and the screen look and feel are delicate and transparent.

In terms of eye protection, the Honor 60 screen uses 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, which can minimize the stroboscopic stimulation to the human eye.

Moreover, the Honor 60 also supports 4096-level hardware dimming, which can distinguish the user’s brightness preferences during the day and night, so that users do not need to manually adjust the brightness frequently.

The two sides of the screen adopt a 58°curvature hyperboloid design, the black edges become narrower, the visual effect is excellent, and the screen can be seen without vision when held in the hand. Although the screen curvature is relatively large, the optimization of the Honor 60 anti-inadvertent touch is very in place. There is no need to worry about daily use, and it also ensures the balance of beauty and grip.

Moreover, the front digging screen is also stuffed with a 32-megapixel AI super-sensing paper camera, which can bring clearer imaging effects no matter if you are taking a selfie or taking a Vlog.

Honor’s digital series has always been designed with bold and rich colors to present consumers with Glory’s aesthetic design, which is particularly recognizable. The black jade cyan color matching we received adopts double-film and double-plated single-grain technology. The back is more pure and transparent. The mirror design can produce different light and shadow effects against the light, and the double-circular lens area extends to the periphery of the fuselage. The light makes the back look more unique.

The double-circle and double-ring design of the Honor Digital series have been inherited on Honor 60, but the difference is that this time the standard version has three rear lenses, the center of the circle is on a central axis, and the upper and lower lenses are placed on two respectively. In the metal ring, there is asymmetrical beauty.

In terms of rear camera specifications, the Honor 60 uses a 100 Megapixel ultra-clear combination + 8 Megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens + 2MP depth-of-field lenses.

The Honor 60 body design is very simple, the physical buttons are all on the right side of the body. The SIM card slot and USB-C interface of Honor 60 are at the bottom. Honor 60 supports 66W smart super flash charging, and the attached charging head supports multiple output power levels. At a glance in the package, the main accessories are a clean water jacket, a data cable, and a charging head.


The Honor 60 is equipped with a rear three-camera solution consisting of a 100 Megapixel ultra-wide-angle macro lens + 8MP 112° ultra-wide-angle lens + 2MP depth-of-field lens. The main camera supports 10x digital zoom and the video supports 6x digital zoom.

Honor has further optimized the imaging algorithm of the 100-megapixel high-definition main camera, bringing users a more detailed shooting experience, a clearer picture, and a more mature experience.

It was late autumn and early winter and encountered foggy and hazy weather, but the main camera of Honor 60 can deal with it calmly. Whether it is long-range or a close-up, it truly restores what the eyes can see, especially the color is not deliberately pleasing, and more pursued. Authenticity.

Especially in such inadequately lighted weather, many details of the building can be preserved, and the haze levels of the distant haze and sunset are all in place.

Main camera 10X Digital Zoom

The 10x digital zoom shooting experience of the Honor 60 main camera is not bad. The characters on the building and the guardrails on the windows are sharp, and the layers are clearly visible. This is just a casual shot.

You should know that the digital zoom of a general mobile phone camera is extremely stable after zooming in. If there is no tool such as a tripod to assist, the captured picture is easy to blur, and the Honor 60 does not need auxiliary tools to ensure stability, just look for it. Angle, just take and shoot.

Ultra wide-angle mode

The 8MP ultra-wide-angle lenses supports 112° angle shooting, which can broaden the shooting angle and bring a wider and larger visual effect.

The rarest thing is the white balance adjustment that is consistent with the main camera. The performance is very good and there is no color shift problem.

In terms of macro, in the face of high-saturation green plants and red flowers, generally, mobile phone cameras are prone to have the problem of inconspicuous levels. However, the plants, petals, and dark light was taken by the Honor 60 are distinct, and the color performance is very pleasing to the eye. This excellent resolution performance is impressive.

Night scene mode

In the night scene mode proofs, the dynamic range of Honor 60 is very well controlled. While improving the details of the dark parts, ensures that the picture is bright and dark, and the colors are more pleasing to the eye, and you can give good proof when you shoot.

The Honor 60 is equipped with a 32-megapixel AI super-sensing lens, which supports 82° wide-angle, and is functionally versatile, integrating the three characteristics of video, camera, and perception.

Let’s take a look at the self-portrait performance of the firstfront camera.

The front-facing 32-megapixel image of Honor is comparable to the rear-facing camera. Whether it is white balance, color performance, or details, it is excellent, and it also has a blur function, which is even more attractive to girls.

Honor 60 also brings users the innovative function of “AI gesture recognition, Vlog air-to-air mirror change”. The user does not need to touch the phone during the shooting and only needs to gesture in the air to operate a variety of Vlog shooting modes. Through the five gestures of “raise a hand, flip, fist, slide, and OK”, you can easily complete multiple functions such as dual-camera switching, shooting mode switching, and ending recording required by Vlog.

Raise your hand and slide to switch between the current shooting mode and the dual-lens shooting mode. Raise your hand and reverse, you can switch the front lens shooting to the rear main camera shooting or the rear main camera shooting to the front lens shooting or the front and rear dual-lens positions.

When shooting Vlogs, some users need to switch the camera frequently. The AI ​​gesture switching function brought by Honor 60 only needs to make corresponding gestures in front of the camera (even if the user is not captured by the viewfinder) without touching the phone. After finishing, the efficiency improvement brought by the familiar gesture is very obvious.

Game Experience

In terms of specifications, the Snapdragon 778G uses TSMC’s 6nm process technology. The CPU part is composed of 4 large 2.4Ghz A78 cores + 4 small 1.8Hz A55 cores. At the same time, it integrates Adreno 624L GPU, which claims to improve image rendering performance by up to 40 %.

In terms of AI, the Snapdragon 778G supports the sixth-generation Qualcomm AI engine, integrates the AI ​​acceleration architecture, integrates the Hexagon 770 DSP digital signal processor, and has a computing power of up to 12TOPS. It is more energy-efficient and can run multiple neural networks.

Moreover, there is also the blessing of the GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration engine, which also allows Honor 60 to achieve maximum performance in games stably.

King of Glory

Let’s try the most well-known “Honor of Kings”. In the game, we changed the frame rate in the screen settings to extremely high, the resolution to ultra-high, and the overall quality of the screen was high-definition.

Honor 60 supports the high frame rate mode of “Honor of Kings”. The average frame rate of the whole game is 119FPS. Although the curve fluctuates slightly, the frame rate can be stabilized above 120FPS most of the time.

Ace Warrior

In the shooting game “Ace Battlefield”, we have maximized the game picture quality and game frame rate of the competitive battlefield and the ace battlefield and turned it off to automatically reduce the picture quality and frame rate.

“Ace Battlefield” also supports the high frame rate mode of Honor 60. During the last game, eliminating the frame rate fluctuations caused by death, it can reach up to 120FPS and the average frame rate is 113 frames. The experience is very smooth and smooth.

QQ Speed

In “QQ Speed”, the screen settings, resolution, and frame rate are also selected as super high, and the resolution is selected as super clear.

Under the circumstance that the above two games can run at full frame rate, the pressure of “QQ Speed” is not great. It also supports the high frame rate mode of Honor 60, except for the frame rate fluctuations caused by the opening animation and the final ranking animation. The average frame rate is 110FPS, the picture response is timely, and the operation is follow-up.

In games such as “Ace Fighter”, “QQ Speed”, and “Honor of Kings”, the pressure of the Snapdragon 778G on the Honor 60 is not great, and the body temperature is not obvious, and it can even be said that there is still a certain amount of leeway. . The whole game process is basically full-frame, and the experience is very smooth.


Charging test

The Honor 60 uses a 4800mAh super battery for the first time, and at the same time, after the optimization of the body space, while increasing the battery capacity, it also avoids the increase in the size and weight of the mobile phone brought by the large battery.

Honor 60 also supports 66W smart super fast charging. We start charging from 5% of the battery. The actual test can charge to 60% in 15 minutes. It only takes 34 minutes to fully charge, which is better than the official theoretical standard.

Endurance test

For the battery life, we use a professional battery life test tool-a a battery dog ​​produced by Kuai Technology for testing.

In the test items, we checked all the test items including CPU high voltage, CPU multi-threading, AI recognition, picture browsing, video playback, web browsing, simulating real usage scenarios, restoring the real load to the greatest extent, and infinitely close to the real power consumption.

For the battery dog, we checked the limit battery endurance test, manually 50% brightness, and started the test from 100% power. It took a total of 10 hours and 25 minutes to automatically shut down, which is quite pleasant.

You should know that the hardware dog test is heavily used, and it is a continuous high load. This kind of performance can be replaced by daily intermittent use, and it can last for a day and a half. Even if you continue to play games and watch videos, you can relax for a day.

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Nowadays, the mobile phone market is full of crazy stacking of hardware. It seems that the best hardware configuration, can be equated with the best mobile phone experience, but in fact, the performance of the hardware depends on optimization and tuning in addition to the parameters. The ability of the school can bring the best experience.

Honor has not fallen into this strange circle. On the basis of its maturity, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G chip is superimposed on the GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration technology of Honor software and hardware, which can efficiently process the game screen and game performance under low power consumption. Without pressure, the potential of the 120Hz high refresh screen is played out.

As the long item of the Honor Digital series, taking pictures is even more impressive. The 100-megapixel main camera polished by Honor, with the blessing of the sixth-generation Qualcomm AI engine + three ISPs, is fully capable of taking and taking pictures, no matter whether it is sunny or hazy, no matter the distance or close-up, no matter the zoom and macro. It is easy to deal with, especially the color reproduction is impressive, the big environment pursues reality, the small details please the eye, and it is quite balanced.

With a 32-megapixel selfie camera, it’s a piece of cake to shoot beautiful sister papers. There is also a set of Vlog. Not only can you record the front and rear cameras together, Honor also created five simple and easy-to-remember gestures that do not need to be touched. Various operations can be completed by directly making gestures on the mobile phone.

Although the 4800 mAh battery is not the largest, it can also provide 10 and a half hours of long battery life under continuous high load, so there is no need to worry about how to play for a day. Coupled with 66W smart super fast charge, it only takes half an hour to get close to full blood.

Of course, there is also the outstanding appearance of the Honor Digital series. Honor 60 has its own aesthetic system, especially recognizable. The hyperboloid design with 58° curvature on the front and the narrow borders on the upper and lower sides provide excellent visual effects.

The back of the mirror surface, the girl can be used as a mirror, and it can produce different light and shadow effects in the light of the light. The light extending from the double round lens area to the periphery of the fuselage looks unique and beautiful while taking care of it. Comfortable grip.

The performance and appearance of this model are online, and the front and back photos are first-class. The price starts at 2699 yuan. It is available in four colors: bright black, ink jade green, fantasy starry sky, and Juliet. Would you like to have one?


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