Honor Magic V Review: 7.9-inch Large Folding Screen, OS Turbo X


In the world of mobile phones, folding screen mobile phones with cutting-edge technologies such as flexible screens and precision hinges are undoubtedly at the apex of the pyramid. However, for the folding screen mobile phone, the large screen seems to have no effect in the eyes of ordinary people, which also makes the folding screen mobile phone an “expensive toy” in the eyes of everyone. Against this background, Honor released its first flagship model with a folding screen, Honor Magic V, on January 10.

Can the Magic V, which claims to make you “one in place”, really do this? What optimizations has it made for the special form of the folding screen? Let me take you a closer look next.


As the biggest selling point of a folding-screen phone, I believe many people will pay attention to its large screen as soon as they get the phone, but I don’t plan to do that for Magic V. Because its delicate appearance is too attractive for my attention. Let’s take a look at the colors first. Magic V offers three colors: burning orange, titanium empty silver, and bright black. What we got this time is the titanium empty silver color. In my opinion, this is also the color scheme that best reflects the exquisiteness of Magic V. Under this color scheme, most areas of the fuselage except the external screen and rear camera module are bright silver, which makes the whole machine look full of exquisiteness. . On the back cover, in addition to the bright silver, also has a fine vertical stripe texture, which shows a different effect of light and shadow flow with the refraction under the light, which is very eye-catching.

Of course, Magic V’s meticulous work on the appearance will not stop there. Magic V inherits Honor’s iconic starring design on the rear camera module and inlaid three powerful star rings in the three-body starring. In addition to inheriting the basic design language of symmetry and harmony in the back visual sense of the Honor Magic V, the camera also highlights the deep and broad feeling of the camera area. It is worth noting that, unlike other products where a rear camera is just a protruding plane, Magic V uses a 3D hyperbolic lens glass that is more difficult to manufacture, which reduces the protruding sense of the camera and makes it visually thinner.

Magic V has not given up optimization on the external screen that seems to have little room to play. This 6.45-inch screen adopts a screen ratio of 21.3:9, which is undoubtedly more practical than the slender external screen of the previous horizontal folding screen model like a remote control. Inexperience, this external screen The feeling it brings to me is no different from that of an ordinary mobile phone. In addition, the 21:9 screen ratio brings an additional advantage. Magic V can achieve full-screen playback without worrying about black borders up and down when watching movies. And this screen also supports a high refresh rate of up to 120Hz, which can bring a smoother experience in actual use.

Many people’s criticism of folding screen mobile phones is focused on the heavy body and poor feel. In this regard, the Magic V’s performance is very good. Thanks to the ultra-thin floating water drop hinge structure, the Magic V is only 14.3mm thick when closed and only 6.7mm when the screen is unfolded. With the hyperboloid design of the body and a 288g body, The weight and feel are also excellent.

Of course, the benefits of the ultra-thin suspended water drop hinge structure go far beyond that. Compared with the traditional bat-type hinge, it eliminates the large gap caused by folding and realizes the tight fit of the left and right screens. The frame is more straight and neat in terms of visual look and feel.

To ensure that the hinge mechanism has higher precision and strength while lighter weight, Honor Magic V uses aerospace-grade materials, including zirconium-based liquid metal, whose hardness is 200% higher than that of stainless steel; the main body uses a large number of high-strength carbon fibers. Compared with ordinary stainless steel, the strength is increased by 100%; the main shaft of the hinge also uses high-strength titanium alloy, which increases the corrosion resistance by 300% compared with stainless steel. The composite application of these aerospace-grade materials ensures that the hinge can still have sufficient strength under long-term, repeated, and high-frequency use, which greatly improves the durability of the folding screen.

When you unfold the phone, Magic V provides a 7.9-inch large internal screen with a wide field of view, an aspect ratio of 10.3:9, a resolution of 2272 x 1984, and a pixel density of 381ppi, which can easily handle multitasking scenarios. At the same time, this internal screen supports a refresh rate of up to 90Hz, making the use experience smoother; the global maximum brightness of the internal screen is 800nit, and the maximum peak brightness is 1000nit, which can be seen clearly in outdoor sunlight. At the same time, the internal screen also provides support for display technologies such as 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, 10bit color, HDR10+, 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, and Magic V is the industry’s first IMAX Enhanced certified folding-screen phone, which can be used for Users bring a great display.

On the protective film necessary for the inner screen of the folding screen mobile phone, the Magic V is also different from the general models. It adopts a new magnetron nano-optical film, which greatly alleviates the problem of screen reflection and effectively reduces the visual experience caused by screen creases. The impact caused enhances the practicability of the folding screen mobile phone. At the same time, the surface is also covered with AF anti-fingerprint coating. A layer of nano-chemical materials is plated on the outer surface of the mobile phone screen by evaporation to minimize the tension on the screen surface and reduce the contact area between dust and product surface by nearly 90%, making the inner screen more durable.


After watching the big screen, let’s talk about the most important interaction in folding screen mobile phones. As one of the brands that have been deeply involved in the tablet market for a long time, Honor has a lot of experience in controlling the interaction of large screens. To improve the user experience of the large internal screen of the folding screen mobile phone, the new Magic UI 6.0 carried by the Magic V displays progressively from the parallel horizon of a single application, multi-application, multitask multi-window, floating window, smart split-screen, and a series of other Starting with the display, interaction and operation logic, with intelligent and simplified operation methods, users are more efficient when running a single program, and more convenient and efficient when running multiple programs.

By studying different types of applications, Honor summarizes the information presentation forms of the large screen into three types and provides different interface designs in different forms. One is the content-based layout, such as reading software. By optimizing the display method, the amount of information presented can be greatly increased, reducing the frequency of users reading information. The column displays the parent-child hierarchy at the same time, improving the display and operation efficiency; the third is short independent tasks, some independent tasks that are not suitable for large-screen full-screen display, Magic V will use a lighter style when expanding the large screen, such as the center-bottom display mode, reducing full-screen jumps, making it easier for users to view and operate.

The unfolded large screen of the folding screen is different from the easy-to-operate area of ​​mainstream mobile phones. The width of the candy bar phone is narrower, and there is no pressure to use it with one hand. The operation interaction is suitable for placing in the middle and lower area of ​​the screen. The large screen design of the folding screen, if completely Copying the layout of the candy bar phone, will cause operational difficulties. Through long-term research on various types of software and applications, Honor Magic V takes the convenience of user operation as the premise factor and places high-frequency functional elements in the easy-to-operate area of ​​the large screen as much as possible, such as the operator interface for taking pictures, and the camera operation in the unfolded state. The buttons have been changed to a left-right layout, making shooting “at your fingertips” by placing interactions in easy-to-operate areas.

The optimization of Magic V’s use of large screens does not stop at system applications. Many third-party apps also provide optimizations for Magic V’s large screens, making it more convenient to use.

For example, you can implement multi-channel video support for sports events through Migu Video. Users can freely arrange videos of different games or videos from multiple perspectives of the same game in different positions of the big screen to realize the real multi-viewing on one screen and enjoy the hearty sports events intuitively. In a straight flush, Magic V’s widescreen can be expanded to a full screen to view the stock list and K-line details simultaneously. There is no need to frequently switch between the information modules such as the stock list, K-line, and operation. One-click to view the stock trend, let the detailed information Get an unobstructed view of the price movement at a glance.

Finally, we return to the most commonly used interactive function of folding screen mobile phones – split screen. For folding screen phones, a split screen is one of the ways to make perfect use of the large internal screen. However, most of the previously released folding screen mobile phones use the drag gesture to open the split-screen. This design is simple enough, but the negative problems caused by no visual entrance are not intuitive enough, making this practical function unmanned. Inquiries.

To make the application more convenient for full-screen, split-screen, and floating-window operations, Magic V has designed a new split-screen interactive portal to provide a unified interactive portal within the user’s field of vision, which can be used easily. Users can select two with one click. With the relationship between the split-screen and floating position of the app content, you can also choose the app that needs to be full screen at any time. At the same time, based on the user’s habit of switching applications and learning big data models, Magic V provides a one-click split-screen smart recommendation split-screen function, making the split-screen function easier to use.


Magic V has not ignored the performance that folding-screen phones do not pay much attention to. It is equipped with a new generation of Snapdragon 8 flagship processor, the strongest configuration in current folding screen mobile phones. The new Snapdragon 8 mobile platform is manufactured based on the 4nm process and adopts the latest ARMv9 instruction set. The super core adopts the industry’s most advanced ARM Cortex X2 core architecture, and the large core and small core use Cortex-A710 and Cortex-A510 cores, respectively. Architecture. The GPU is the new Adreno 730.

Magic V is also equipped with OS Turbo X technology to improve further performance, which uses an ultra-low latency engine, anti-aging engine, and smart memory engine to achieve platform-level reconstruction and system-level tuning, greatly improving system fluency and system anti-aging. Performance and system power consumption.

At the same time, Honor’s iconic GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration engine technology is also not absent. It optimizes the entire CPU/GPU/DDR process based on game characteristics to achieve a substantial increase in overall efficiency. Not only does the game run smoother, but it also consumes less power and generates more heat. Small. In the game, with the help of AI intelligent scheduling, the computing resources can be flexibly allocated to ensure the stable performance of the game. In addition, the new GPU Turbo X equipped with Magic V also adopts AI Rendering technology, which generates high-fidelity game image quality through advanced AI rendering, making the game experience more realistic.

GPU Turbo X

To test the performance of Magic V, I chose the mainstream FPS game “Peace Elite” for testing. In the case of selecting ultra-high-definition picture quality + ultra-high frame rate, the average frame rate of Magic V is 39.9 frames, the frame rate curve is very stable, and the back of the fuselage is only slightly hot, which does not affect the user experience.

In addition to strong performance, Magic V also projects its attention to information security. After entering the mobile Internet era, smartphones are no longer a simple communication device but a personal electronic information and payment management platform with everything from mobile payment to identity information. Therefore, smartphone security and privacy protection is the most critical part of the current mobile information security. Honor Magic V provides thoughtful protection for user data through an independent security memory chip and dual TEE security system.

Honor Magic V is equipped with an independent secure memory chip, with independent memory, persistent storage medium, encryption/decryption logic circuit, processor and software system, etc., and stores the core of power-on password, face information, fingerprint information encryption key, etc. information, together with the hardware encryption and decryption engine, to ensure the uniqueness of each device key. Due to the existence of the independent security memory chip, even if the mobile phone is lost and maliciously forcibly flashed, it will be required to log in to the Honor account after it is turned on. Otherwise, it cannot be used; the internal data of the mobile phone is encrypted and bound by the independent security memory chip. Physical disassembly also cannot read the internal user personal data.

Relying on independent security memory chips, Honor has also designed a dual TEE security system (main chip manufacturer TEE + Honor HTEE) independent of the Android operating system based on the virtualization mechanism and continues to build credible system security capabilities a friendly security ecosystem. THROUGH INDEPENDENT RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, Magic V cooperates with the main processor security technology. The dual TEE security system is fully integrated through the concept of internal-to-external, software-hardware collaboration. End-to-cloud and privacy security of each link are deeply embedded in it. To build a comprehensive privacy security system, we are committed to allowing users to have complete control over personal data and providing industry-leading encryption protection measures for users’ data to prevent data leakage.

In addition to hardware design, Magic V also provides functions such as clipboard de-privacy and lost mode, allowing Magic V to “keep tight-lipped” about your data while providing strong performance.


In terms of imaging, the Magic V is equally sincere. It is equipped with a rear three-camera combination of 50-megapixel wide-angle main camera + 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens + 50-megapixel spectral enhancement camera. As for the specific performance of this combination, let’s take a look through the proofs.

First of all, in a well-lit environment during the day, Magic V’s 50-megapixel main camera performs very well, with excellent picture resolution, real and natural picture colors, fresh and beautiful style, and plain and natural imaging style. For those who want to pursue real pictures, come here. It’s quite appropriate to say.

On the ultra-wide-angle lens, the color adjustment maintains the same style as the main camera, and after turning on the AI ​​enhancement function, the colors are relatively bright. In the face of some relatively large scenery environments and tall buildings, Magic V’s ultra-wide-angle lens can directly produce spectacular proofs, which is very practical.

The Magic V can take an overall good photo even in low light in terms of night scenes. The overall picture does not blindly increase the brightness but takes care of the overall look and feel of the picture. The highlights and shadows details are preserved, and the amount of noise is well controlled. It looks relatively pure and has obvious advantages compared to other folding screen phones.

Overall, the imaging quality of the Magic V can fully meet the needs of users for daily photography. The proofs are colorful and pleasing during the day, and the night is pure and natural. The overall imaging effect is very good.


The dual-screen design seems to equate its nature with the poor battery life of a folding-screen phone. To solve the problem of battery life, the Magic V is equipped with a 4750mAh battery and the most powerful 66W super fast charge in Honor. Next, let’s look at its strength in terms of battery life and charging.

We tested the phone with ZOL’s 5-hour heavy battery life model of a folding-screen phone in terms of battery life. During the test, the phone system volume and screen brightness was set to 50%, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth were turned on, and the smart refresh rate was turned on. The test content includes 30 minutes of 1080P video recording at 30fps, 45 minutes of 1080P video playback at Station B, 50 minutes of Douyin video playback, 60 minutes of high-frame mode “Honor of Kings”, 45 minutes of Weibo information flow, 30 minutes of Taobao homepage browsing, and 50 minutes of high-frame mode “Honor of Kings”. Minutes QQ voice chat.

Judging from the results, Magic V has 48% of the remaining power after the 5-hour test, with a total power consumption of 52%, and the battery life is excellent. Especially in the video playback part, the power consumption in 30 minutes is only 4%, which is an excellent result among the folding screen phones we tested. If you are a heavy user of mobile phones, the battery life of the Magic V is believed to satisfy you.

In terms of charging, the Magic V is equipped with the most powerful 66W super fast charge in Honor, so what is the actual charging speed of the Magic V? Let’s see-through testing.

Before the test, the author first fully drained the power and connected the built-in 66W charger for testing. According to our measured data, 29% can be charged in 10 minutes in the current room temperature environment, and 82% can be charged in 30 minutes, which is definitely a top-level among current folding screen phones.

Overall, the Magic V’s overall battery life and fast charging performance are satisfactory. It can be charged once a day in daily use, and in heavy use, it can also quickly recover blood through 66W super-fast charging. It is believed that with the blessing of the 4750mAh large battery and 66W super fast charge, users’ anxiety about battery life can be greatly relieved.

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Overall, Honor Magic V has made it possible for users to “one in place”. From the comfortable 21.3:9 external screen to the multi-level optimization for the large screen, the Magic V makes it easy to use both internal and external dual screens. In addition, the new Snapdragon 8 processor it is equipped with makes it have strong performance, and the carefully polished design makes it full of advanced sensors, while the 50-megapixel rear triple camera, 66W super fast charge, 4750mAh large battery, etc. The top-level configuration makes the overall experience of the phone better, and it is worth buying.

Glory, which has been independent for more than a year, can be regarded as a firm foothold in the market after obtaining the third good result in domestic sales. On this basis, consolidating its advantages in the high-end market has become the most urgent task for Honor. After the excellent Magic 3 series in 2021, the Magic V with many cutting-edge technologies is believed to be a brand new weapon for the Honor brand, making the high-end road of Honor go more smoothly.


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