ILIFE V1: Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (Coupon Code available)


Gone are the days when every single day to day work was done by man. Now  we have Washing Machines, vaccum cleaners, mobiles, etc. Even this era got toppled by the Smart World. Nowadays smart electronics devices are flooding the market. Robots have been the prime example of smart devices and Robot vaccum cleaners fall in such category. Today we have for you the ILIFE V1,a smart cleaner with bulk of factors.

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The V1 looks like a circular tiffin box from the top. It comes in a white colour and measures just 7.5 cm thick, this slim build factor lets the ILIFE  V1 easily slide below beds, sofas, etc. This little buddy works on all type of surfaces like the tile, wood, carpet and even marble.


1471256295424709 (2)There are 3 seperate body parts on the V1. The front has the bumper, then the main circular body and the middle body that hold the cleaner. The top has a Push button on the top to remove the lid. A small dustbin is located  inside the cleaner. It is equipped with a special HEPA cleaning filter. On the bottom we have the wheels accompanied by the side brushes. There’s a small nose wheel on the front followed by the Suck passage that takes in the dust.1471256299129519

ILIFE V1 is equipped with strong and long brushes that cover a large area. There are 4 different modes of operation on the V1: auto cleaning, sport cleaning, edge cleaning and scheduled cleaning. The scheduled cleaning is perfect since you don’t need to always set the cleaner on by yourself.


Making the V1 work is very easy. It comes with remote control that let you relax on your sofa and call the V1 like an assistant to clean the floor for you.There are special sensors on this cleaner. With OBS All Terrain Detection System, it can detect and select the desired radial to use for navigation. The other anti-bump and anti-drop sensors helps V1 avoid any obstacles, thus protecting the robot from damage.1471256272528414

If you are tired of cleaning your house then ILIFE V1 can be your perfect buddy. We have made this even more easier. Just use our Coupon code:  ILIFEV1 and get a whopping big discount on the ILIFE V1 which orignally costs 99.99$.


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