MJX X900 X9013D Nano Hexacopter desing, features, review (with coupon)


We recently review MJX Bugs 3 RCand today we are going to talk about his little brother, the first hexacomper from MJX the X900/X901. Despite its little size and weight this toy pack a bunch of features like; 6 axis stabilization system, multiple flight modes, 3D flip and more. Be sure this will impress you and your friends indoors or outdoors, day or night.


Made complete from plastic in black or white color, looks like his big brother, MJX Hexacopter X600. Both share the same design, six rotors in each of the fixed arms and really catch they eye with its UFO alike. Material and craftsman ship are above average. Each arm has a LED light that will help to navigate. Energy connector and power switch are on the back.

The nano also apply in the remote control, made from plastic with two joysticks, light and fun to use, require 2xAA batteries.


MJX X901 has six motors, 6 axis gyro, 2.4GHz remote frecuency, which can support about 50 meters to 100 meters distance, if you want to go for outdoor use. It is built in 180mAh battery, which can support about 5 minutes to fly, and it takes 30 minutes to charge full. Remote control use 2xAA batteries (not included). Since it weight 190gr you will notice it flies fast moving Up/Down, turn Left/right, rotate, side flying, or doing 3D flips or 3D rolls (one key roll button).


It has a stable flight, but fast at the same time. For those who prefer a secure flight there’s a beginner mode, in fact in this mode X900 is not slow, instead commands response from remote control are less sensitive resulting in better stability. In medium setting this mini drone will function more like a car, the throttle stick works like a gas pedal, the fast you press the fast the hexacopter runs. In advance mode 360 flips will be activated.

Be aware that can be used outdoor but wind must be slow, we recommend this toy for indoor use.

The battery gives 5 minutes of power and you will have to wait another 30 minutes to have fun again, because the battery is built-in. Also, it has 6 LED, one in each motor (4 blue – front / 2 red – rear).


MJX X-900/X-901 is a tiny but fun RC Hexacopter with a really catch UFO design. This will give a good moment of joy is you willing to make it a present. You can grab it at $11.27 USD dollars using DONCU7 as coupon code at checkout.


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