The best features of touch screen laptops


Touch screen devices actually seem having just started to take a better throttle and though it is remembered that had a good chance to see the first touch screen laptop in action already back in next year. Actually as up until around the year both of the consumers and businesses could be counted on to upgrade their laptops every three years on average and due to technology changed so quickly.

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Hp 15.6 touch screen laptop

It is wonderful as having it and it is perfect to get with the eight generation intel core i7 processor NVIDIA gefoce and MX  150 2 GB GDDR5 d, 16 GB memory and having the 512 GB SSD storage.

Some elegant and stylish laptops with a smooth design and beauty are also actually demand of each and every person. Together on the time while as combined with the most powerful hardware and strong computing capabilities into the world made them best laptops of computer future.

2 in 1 touchscreen laptop

It is the best premium flagships pavilion X360 inches with the touchscreen HD laptop, Intell Quad core i5 8250U/i7 and sixteen GB of RAM. You will get it with the best operating system windows ten and also display size 15.6 inches. CPU model family core i5 into it, Fantastic thing is that it is having with the computer memory size and covering the sixteen GB, Amazing way hard disk description SSD.

Dell XPS 12 series

It is actually leading brand of laptop which is still on lead with its super model and twelve point five inches of full HD screen. Moreover can take laptop to a new level of excitement with the innovative and durable flip hinges are. Intel core i7 processor with the turbo boost of 3.0 GHZ powers it and has massive memory of 8 GB with a bus speed of 1600 MHZ. it also comes with the preloaded solid state drive and with memory capacity of 256 GB.

Asus TAICHI 21 series

In the range of touch screen laptops I have found this is best and it is a big name in extreme computing hardware and once again a thrilling feature of the dual screen display. It all in one convertible ultra book and is an 11.6 inches multi touch screen. it has massive memory of GB 8 with the best bus speed of 1600 MHZ. there is also solid state drive with the 256 GB of capacity that can load applications with.

Sony VAIO DUO 11 Series

Sony is a big brand name into the world of laptops and then Sony new ultra book is one of the best kinds with the sleek designs and full HD touch screen of 11.6 inches. It is flipping design can also convert it from the laptop to tablet and to enjoy amazing features of windows 8. Intel core i7 processor with the 4 MB cache power such super machine and memory up to eight GB supports multi tasking.

Archos 9 PC tablet

Actually enjoying the internet, videos, music, TV shows all in one hand held device and this comes in an ultra think shape. It is available in best ultra small 9 inches touch screen weighing a mere 2 pounds arches 9 comes with the 1.3 megapixel web camera features. 1 GB ram and 60 GB hard drive best features is notably. It costs only a few hundred dollars.


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