Virtual Reality: An Alternative to iGaming


Nowadays, most of the smartphones on the market are capable of virtual reality. Even if you just find it out or you already know it, you will surely want to check some games that are compatible with VR. Nevertheless, the fact that your phone is compatible with this is not enough; you will need a headset and a controller as well. However, if you still need a VR headset and if you do not want to get an extra controller, you can check out some VR games that do not need one.

We all know that virtual reality gaming headsets are a little exquisite, so you might need some resources for one, even if it is on sale. If you want to play with a modest VR gear, you can try some of the best VR games for Android and iOS that offer a good alternative.

VR gaming becomes very feasible with devices like Google Cardboard, so they can range from popular options to other alternatives like Google Daydream. Even the two of them are easier to get than compared to the Vive and Oculus.

There are also many games made especially for some devices like Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream. The casino games, on the other hand, can be played from every device.

Playing casino games is starting to move away from the traditional casino, and this may be an extension of that trend

VR In iGaming

Since technology evolved a lot, the world of gaming would not stay away from advanced technology. Graphics increased significantly and there are the open maps worlds that improved the quality of gaming. Gamers could think that this technology is at its peak, but when it comes to virtual reality gaming, it can take gaming to the next level.

Virtual Reality Gaming is blurring the lines between video gaming, eSports and casino, which rolls out the red carpet to their players, bringing them the casino atmosphere we found in land-based casinos.

Millennials are the players who are familiar with the new tech, while the generation X are more used to the classic casino games. However, they can still experience VR casino games applications. Now there are not too many VR casinos present on the internet but we hope to be many more in the future, however, many VR gaming online games are found on platforms such as steam.

All of this online gaming started in the 90s, which brought with it profound changes in the iGaming industry, and to the casinos that have simplistic graphics. In addition, shortly after we hit the 21st century the online casinos have added a number of interesting features to their digitized casino games.

Regarding VR, casino gaming is still at the beginning, you will find out that there are not many games, but they start to rise. How? Let us say for example in France, a well-known operator has brought, in 2019, VR gaming in the form of blackjack, where players connect with the game via a VR headset. This is considered a good first step for the iGaming industry because typically the popular casino games we saw can be found online. The online casino generally offers 2D casino games that can have some 3D effects that can be played from the comfort of your own home.

Over the years, there are more and more games added to various online casinos due to their popularity for casino players. Browsing on a casino’s array of games, you will notice that slots, roulette, blackjack, and many more get an upgrade. They are not available in their physical classic forms; however, they have similarities with the classic variants.

Therefore, if you are interested in playing on an online casino, you will probably find yourself asking the question: ‘What Casino Games are available at Virtual Reality Casinos?’ Well, you can play the known casino games however; you still need to have access to VR gear.

The casino environment should not necessarily be similar to the real experience, but it should take advantage of what the VR can offer. Whether it is games such as slots, blackjack or roulette, playing in Virtual Reality should be exciting and it should offer a great experience for the users.

If the user wants to experience the virtual world and wants to be outside from the real world for a short time, VR would be an attractive option. In addition, tournaments are representing an interesting starting point with the widespread adoption of online poker even in VR gaming.

 Last Words

Although VR has been around for a while, it is just at the beginning to make it into the mainstream. With VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive catering to hardcore gamers, mobile VR gaming sees the widest adoption among the general population.

Of course, there are many interesting mobile games that are not based on VR at all but if you have a Cardboard-compatible phone or headset like the Gear VR or a DIY VR headset; you can play most of these games. If you are looking for more VR content, you can download some of the best VR apps for Android.


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