VIVO X7 Smartphone Will feature 16MP Front Camera


We have heard a lot of news about Vivo which will release the next flagship smartphone, now VIVO has officially told us that they will release the VIVO X7 smartphone in Vivo official Weibo. As you know, Vivo focuses on nice Camera for those selfie lovers. Now what will this time Vivo bring us?


In Vivo Official Weibo, Vivo X7 will have 16MP front camera with front LED light and soft light effect. So Vivo X7 will be also flagship for taking photos. It’s said VIVO X7 will first released new Li-Fi wireless transmission technology which can let users’ search the Internet without connecting Wifi.

As for more details, Vivo has not leaked more until now. According to our experience, VIVO will tease more news about VIVO X7 configuration to let us know more, we will report more as soon as possible. Stay tuned.


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