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Voopoo Vinci Pod is the fundamental unit contraption in the VINCI Series. Curiously, the flawless ITO vaporization tech is applied to unit things, which brings the thick taste into full play. Continuing with the possibility of the comfort of the VINCI Series, the gloriousness of the outside is distantly upgraded through materials and arrangement nuances. The delivery safe arrangement makes VINCI Pod as magnificent as could be anticipated.


Voopoo Vinci Pod gets the significantly inconvenient collaboration – single grain and single plating. The light is refracting from between the different surfaces and coatings. It has solidly clung to each other, ensuing in a mirror-level magnificence and straightforwardness. Besides, its surface AG layer is against finger impression, unfriendly to glare, and various limits, with the objective that both greatness and strength.

Voopoo Vinci Pod


VINCI Pod covers the “Quality” shaped breathing light through complex techniques. It has the objective that breathing light. Additionally, The surface is totally consolidated together enlightens when you suck. It goes out when you stop. Between breaths, little shocks come to you.

Voopoo Vinci Pod

Likewise, Subsequent to siphoning, the smoke oil streams back to the sandwich on the different sides. It sufficiently works on the issue of spillage preventer. More, It has after the oil streams to the interlayer, the draw stream can return the oil to the warming part. It additionally permits you to see the value in the time without pressure.

Voopoo Vinci Pod

Voopoo Vinci Pod Comes with an 800mAh battery that maintains you for the length of the day, while the Type-C charging port simplifies it to charge at whatever point. Additionally, Pull out the silica gel plug at the case side by then top off the juice into it and finish to press back the gel plug. Likewise, After garnishing off the juice, in case it’s not all that much difficulty, yet the unit stops at any rate of 5 minutes to make the cotton sprinkled with juice.

Voopoo Vinci Pod


Voopoo Vinci Pod is one of the most intelligent vapes. It gives you all that you are searching for. Anyway, what are you hanging tight for? Purchase now from Voopoo.


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