What Xiaomi Smartphones can upgrade to MIUI8?


In Xiaomi Summer  Press Conference, Xiaomi has not only brought Xiaomi MAX but also MIUI 8 OS. Right now MIUI8 has been improved much in system UI, animation interaction, and other functions. It has developed the functions such as  anti fraud identification. The developing version will be compatible with Xiaomi Mi2, mi 2s, mi 3, mi 4, mi 4C, mi 4S, mi 5, MI Max and all Redmi, Redmi Note, Xiaomi Note series models.  It can upgrade to MIUI8 for even most old models, which is good news for most users.


Since Xiaomi MI1 released, Xiaomi has developed Xiaomi, and Redmi series. But Xiaomi announced Xiaomi MI1, Xiaomi Youth version, Xiaomi mi 1s, and Xiaomi 2A that can’t be upgraded to MIUI8. If your smartphone don’t include these models, you can upgrade MIUI8 freely. Although it can be upgraded, the application time to different models is different, it is said the fastest time that you can upgrade MIUI8 is at the end of June. We can also see those that can not upgrade MIUI8 are the earlier models before Xiaomi 2 released except Xiaomi MI2.


In addition, we also found Xiaomi 2S released in 2013 will also be compatible with MIUI8. So MIUI8 has become the most powerful to be compatible with many models until now. It’s quite good that a phone used in 3 years can upgrade to the latest MIUI8 OS. It’s known to all that electronics products update fast. I guess its the real reason that those models can’t upgrade to MIUI8.


According to the latest news, MIUI8 will be tested in the forum from May 16, the registration time is from May 10 to May 15, 2016. The test models includes Xiaomi mi3, Xiaomi mi4, On June 1, they will open testing, the testing models are Xiaomi mi 2, mi3, mi4, mi 5. Xiaomi mi note, Xiaomi max. Then on June 17, MIUI 8 development version will support all of models except Xiaomi MI1, Xiaomi Youth version, Xiaomi mi 1s, and Xiaomi 2A.  So what models do you have? Do you want to upgrade MIUI8?


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