What’s new in 2019 with the sports betting industry (including the emergence of bitcoin poker sites)



Sports betting industry has been popular for a very long time. It goes as far as the 1970s. It actually became legal in 1978. Sports betting can involve in various kinds of sports. From cricket, football, basketball, boxing and martial arts. One can predict the result and bid on it. 

Sports betting industry was and still is very popular but it became competitive since 2019. With the advent of bitcoin poker sites, there have been more players on the field. 

Due to its popularity, there have been more bitcoin poker sites with special offers and benefits. Many sites are also offering crypto bonuses.

As mentioned above, any sites can be seen on the net for bitcoin poker games. These bitcoin sports betting sites should be chosen very carefully. This game is like gambling with a friend. You know that your account is a bit safer. 

Below are some of the bitcoin poker sites which became pretty popular nowadays.

  1. 7Bit Casino:

As the game of bitcoins is getting popular, people will try and look for a reliable site. 7Bit is one such place. One can find tons of games and features to select from. A virtual bitcoin poker is also available as a table on the site. 7Bit Casino also offers $500 to 5BTC (5 Bitcoin). This is equivalent to $50,880. Alongside free spins, multiple daily bonuses are also available here. 


  1. Among the benefits which can be found, one of them is customer support. Their customer services are available 24/7.
  2. Alongside crypto and fiat, other currencies are also accepted.
  3. Quick and easy way to withdraw or deposit money.


Still, no such disadvantage came out regarding 7Bit Casino. Players seem to have only one problem though. Most of them seem to not like the website design.

  1. 1XBit Casino:

Signing up for this website is swift and regarding the navigation, one can have no problem. This site is also full of exclusive and fun games. Alongside live casino or choosing slots, the players can also go for the poker games. You can choose the level of betting from low to high. There is no chance of your money getting scammed here.


  1. This site accepts a large number of cryptocurrencies.
  2. Some of the leading providers back this site up. With all the various types of games available, a number of leading game providers helps them as well.
  3. Deposits can be made within a short period of time without any disturbance.
  4. The players can also find guides to help them understand or complete a certain game.


  1. One of the irritating faces is that one can withdraw currencies on a minimum amount. 
  2. UI/UX is not as attractive as it should be.
  3. SWC Poker:

Although they do not offer any welcome bonus, still SWC Poker is reliable. They have been around the corner for decades and is improving more. Over time the site has hundreds of players forming a community. The player can also choose their respective platform and choose their respective games. There can be no questions regarding the security, as they provide a relatively safe platform for the players. Both the deposits and withdrawals take a long time but that is due to loads of members.


  1. Numerous and variety of games
  2. Secure Banking
  3. Friendly Community
  4. Advanced verification process
  5. No need for address or other information


  1. Little or less bonus available.
  2. Small base.

Is Bitcoin Poker Industry Expected to Grow?

The current rising popularity of bitcoin poker games points to the direction of growth. Growth for the ones related with bitcoin poker industry. Within a few years, they might become legal in some countries. Whether it is an online sports betting or online games, using cryptocurrency is definitely a trend.


Due to quick banking, lower fees, and anonymity, this bitcoin poker industry is loved by almost everyone. There are still many factors that should be considered before taking any risk. Then it will be more popular in the future.


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