Xiaomi 13 Ultra Smartphone Advantages and Disadvantages

This article mainly introduces the relevant information about the detailed review of mi 13 Ultra, is it worth buying? 13 Ultra is the latest new phone launched by Xiaomi. Since many users are not familiar with this phone, it is not clear whether this phone is worth buying.
In order to help you understand this problem, the editor here sorts out the advantages and disadvantages of Xiaomi 13 Ultra for you, so that you can intuitively understand whether this phone is worth buying.
Xiaomi 13 Ultra Advantages and Disadvantages


It uses a Samsung 2K E6 curved screen with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 platform, and will also be equipped with a combination of up to 16GB of RAM + 512GB of internal storage space. The imaging system continues the design style of the huge 1-inch imaging module of the previous Xiaomi 12S Ultra, but the camera parameters will be fully upgraded to 50MP + 120x periscope telephoto lens (built-in OIS optical image stabilization).


The fast charging is only 90W, so the charging time will be slower than other Smartphones with 100W fast charging.

Generally speaking, Xiaomi 13 Ultra is a relatively excellent phone. There is nothing to say in terms of performance. It is completely enough for ordinary users to use in daily life. You can never go wrong by choosing to buy this Smartphone.


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