Xiaomi Announced Xiaomi Magic Cube or Square


Xiaomi has brought more surprise than we thought not only smartphone, smart home, smart band, rc drone, smart shoes, smart scale, but also  Xiaomi Magic Cube. We almost didn’t hear the news about it before. It should come out now. We are so surprised about this magic Square. So what’s the difference between this one and other magic cube on the market? Will you enjoy it first?
Xiaomi Magic Cube adopts 5cm square design, which is different from the traditional controller to support 6 movements and control your smart home appliance.  There are three advantages that make us love it at first. First, it plays more fun for 6 kinds of movements to shake, jog, rotate like 90 degree, 180 degree, tap double . Second, this will be the first Cube to control your home appliance smartly to make your life more convenient and easier. Third, it seems very cute and tiny, but it is so powerful for the smart function and technology. These kind of features enable us to think wildly.


It’s glad to tell you Xiaomi Magic Square will come out on May 24 on Xiaomi official website. As for other information and its price, we are not sure now. Next week, just come with us to see Xiaomi’s show.


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