Xiaomi Has Launched a New Gateway 3.0 Priced at $19


Today, Xiaomi has launched new Gateway 3.0 which is a new version of the gateway between the Mi Home household products of the Chinese company. A few months ago Xiaomi conducted tests with this new product with users and now the company after thoroughly testing this new environment has put it on sale.

This new version of the Gateway integrates the three most common wireless communication protocols of smart homes today: Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Mesh. Only this gateway can be used to link the devices of the 3 different protocols to easily perform interworking and interconnection of all existing Mi Home sensors and products.

Gateway 3.0 is equipped with Xiao AI, Xiaomi Chinese AI, temperature and humidity meters along with the Mijia Bluetooth 2 protocol. In addition, this new version supports the Apple HomeKit platform, such as Aqara smart wall switches, etc., for make Siri the AI ​​to change through voice on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch lights, or turn off devices.

The ZigBee connection protocol will allow the entry of new products manufactured by other manufacturers that can join the Aqara and Xiaomi platform. Version 3.0 comes with improved network stability created among the brand’s products. This time the union between them is done as a mesh connection that allows the sending of data to each other for an improvement in the latency of the order to be made.

Zigbee 3.0 series updates accelerate interoperability with other devices and play an important role in promoting unified protocol standards for the smart home industry. Gateway 3 can connect to devices that have at least version 1.2 of ZigBee, being compatible with the oldest products in the Mi Home product network.

This link port will also support voice demonetization and adds a double Wifi antenna to improve product latency and reach. The range of reach between the Gateway and the products will reach up to 200 meters.

This Gateway continues to add the creation of smart scenes between devices in the Mi Home environment. We can create scenes of the lighting of lights or activation of household products with each other by having door and window sensors or motion sensors. This new version of Gateway 3.0 also accepts the creation of schedules and alarms. This new version is already on sale in China at a price of 129 yuan (about US$19).

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