Xiaomi Has Launched Qingping Bluetooth Thermometer And Hygrometer Electronic ink Screen


On March 13th, Xiaomi has a new product – Qingping Bluetooth thermometer and hygrometer, which has a clear list of cold and warm dry and wet and has been connected to Mijia, priced at 99 yuan.

Its electronic ink screen has low requirements for ambient light. Whether it is sunny or at the beginning of the lamp, it can provide you with a comfortable viewing experience of the paper stock, wide viewing angle and clear and easy to read.

After equipped with the Mijia Bluetooth gateway device, you can remotely access the Qingping Bluetooth temperature and humidity meter through the Mijia App, set up linkage with the Mijia smart device, and obtain historical data from the cloud.

Qingping Bluetooth Thermometer has built-in storage capacity, which can store one historical data of up to 30 days every 15 minutes.

It supports two kinds of placement methods. The main body has a built-in magnet and a wall-mounted built-in iron piece. The main body is attached to the wall to fine-tune the angle and take off, which is very convenient. Open the back cover and put it on the table, clever and steady.

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Qingping Bluetooth Thermometer adopts CR2430 button battery and 14mm slim body. Thanks to the ultra-low-power electronic ink screen, it can last for 8-12 months in the common room temperature environment.

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