Xiaomi Mi 13 is Coming with MIUI 14 OS


After the launch of the second-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship chip, Xiaomi has only officially announced that the new flagship will be the first to ship, without revealing specific models, but there is no doubt that the new flagship is one of the most anticipated models, Mi 13 series.

Today, digital blogger “Digital Chat site” released the latest news of Mi 13 series, in addition to all the standard Leica telephoto lens, the Mi 13 Pro with a 1 inch bottom, all the Mi 13 series models will be loaded with the blood of the second generation Snapdragon 8, Leica tune-up support, all pre-installed MIUI 14 system.

It is understood that the 1-inch outsole of the Mi 13 Pro will be SONY’s IMX989 sensor, further down the hardware specs that were previously only available on the Mi 12S Ultra.

Compared to iPhone 13 Pro Max, SONY’s IMX989 has 172% more photosensitive area, 76% more photosensitive capability, 32.5% faster shooting speed and 11% faster startup speed.

According to the news, the Mi 13 series offers two models, the Mi 13 and Mi 13 Pro, with a 6.26-inch domestic OLED flexible straight screen and a 6.7-inch Samsung 2K E6 curved screen respectively.

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It’s worth noting that in addition to Leica Image and the second-generation Snapdragon 8, the new MIUI 14 is also worth looking forward to. Xiaomi has officially made it the most streamlined and lightweight flagship phone system yet.


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