Xiaomi Mi Band 8’s Exterior is Exposed


As a popular affordable wearable product, Mi Band series has been launched for seven generations, and its product form has become mature. According to the latest news, the Mi Band 8 is coming, and there are some details to improve.

According to foreign media GoAndroid found that Xiaomi certified the Smart Band 8 (Mi Band 8) in South Korea’s NRRA and attached a photo, revealing key details of the product.

The Mi Band 8 still has the pill design, but for the first time, the band has detachable sides instead of the previous Mosaic. This design was already present in the Mi Band 7 Pro, and it appears that the Mi Band 8 has relegated this design to the normal version.

▲ Mi Band 8 back

▲ Mi Band 7 back

According to certification information, the Mi Band 8 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 and built-in DC 3.87V polymer lithium-ion battery, model M2239B1. As you can see from the image, the Mi Band 8 also has some design changes on the back, with a small button that may be used to remove the band.


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