Xiaomi Mi Bunny Smartwatch For Kids Review


Wearable Devices have become more popular recently especially smart band and smart watch. Their functions are mainly for fitness and kids safety. As you know, there are more kids lost which has become a social problems. So smart watch for kids has become the current tendency. Xiaomi mi bunny smart watch for kinds made by Xiaomi has the such functions as hd two-way conversation, five relocation, low radiation, a key emergency call. This smart watch also only sold at 299 yuan, $30 about the official price. This smart watch can the best and most competitive smart watch until now.


Xiaomi Mi Bunny Smart watch uses hard carton package with light blue color, simple but elegant. The white logo above the package to increase the cute elements.


We can the the watch header when opening the package. It uses LED display, two buttons on the right side of the screen and the charging port in the middle. The upper key can take or receive the call, the down on is the power button. After turn it on, we choose the contact person, and press 3 seconds for starting emergency. The sound hold is on the left side and the microphone hole under the dial.


Xiaomi Mi bunny smart watch strap is very different from others. It needs to use the screwdriver to adjust the button. I don’t why it designed like this. The strap is very soft and comfortable for protecting kids’ skin.

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Xiaomi Mi Bunny Smart Watch Design Photos


Besides the body of smart watch, Mi Bunny smart watch package has also come with a special  screwdriver, 2 screws, USB cable and user manual and warranty card.


How to Use!
It has a SIM card, you have to activate the SIM card to make the call. Its apps of the smart watch are very easy to operate. We can set up some functions before using it officially according to the children.


The phone call has nice quality from the smart watch with clear voice, even in the public. But we hope it can adjust the volume button by the watch in the near future which needs to be improved, although it can be adjusted in smartphones’ app, but for a kid, it will not be easy to use a phone to adjust.

Mi bunny smart watch has 40mm width,which is not so suitable for the thinner kids. If the dial could become smaller, it would be better. But it will depend on the kids.

It has GPS function which uses five locations like GPS, Glonass, base station, WIFI, G-sensor and it has nice position precision. But it will be not very accurate in some places indoor with bad signal. Because when kids do homework at home, it has some deviation to locate when opening phone’s App.


After getting this MI Bunny smart watch, it will be easy to find our kids and know where he is. I don’t have to be afraid about kids lost.


Mi Bunny smart watch can also set up the non disturbing mode when kids are at class. In order to save power, we can choose sleep mode and performance mode which can make the watch have longer battery life in some special circumstance.



Xiaomi MI Bunny Smart watch for kids  can keep safety about our kids, which can be the best tracker between parents and children. But there are some advice for this smart watch. First, when kids take the smart watch off, parents can not get the tracking information which is not good for kids when they confront the bad guys. Second, we must adjust the strap by the tools provided which is not very easy to take it off from kids’ wrist. Third, it needs to be improved in GPS speed. Sometimes, we need to make a call to smart watch, then the location place will change which cause the problem of weak signal due to setting up the power saving mode.Fourth,  the vibration intensity of the watch can be set in the phone APP. In some places, although we can adjust the volume by APP, the vibration level can not be changed which will cause the bad effect for kids?

In general, the overall function and performance of Xiaomi mi bunny smart watch still perform nice, we like the design and usage. This is a real connection to keep safe between parents and kids. It will become the best guardian for kids. So we hope you need to care about the safety of your kids from now on to build a happy family together.


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