Xiaomi MI MIX 5 Concept Renderings Unveiled


After the MIX product line has spawned foldable screens, is there anyone left who represents the full screen form represented by the MIX digital series?

We believe that if we can reach a new height in terms of experience and meet the requirements of mass production, process and so on, Mi MIX5 still has hope.

Artist HoIINDI has shared a concept rendering of the Mi MIX 5.

The front continues a true comprehensive screen without any irregular cutting, that is, it continues to hit the camera and fingerprint under the screen. Because of the curved design, the left and right borders are almost invisible, and the black edges of the forehead and chin are also extremely narrow.

The newly added secondary screen on the back may be to make up for the natural deficiency of the front camera under the screen when taking selfies and recording videos, that is, the side uses the rear camera to take selfies.

Camera part when the irregular arrangement of three, modeling language is different from the Mi 13 series, but with Mi 12S, Redmi K series and so on have the same wonderful.

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It’s been a year and a half since Xiaomi’s MIX4 was released. Will the MIX 5 be released along with the MIX Fold 3 in the second half of this year?


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