Xiaomi MI Note Flyme 5 OS ROM Firmware (Guide)


Since Xiaomi MI5S and Xiaomi MI5S Plus released, Xiaomi MI Note has big price drop, do you think Xiaomi MI Note is not useful now. Of course not. Because according to its specs, it is powered by Snapdragon 801 processor and RAM 3GB, it can run fast and fluently in playing games, multi-tasking. Besides no fingerprint scanner, others can still be outstanding.

If Xiaomi MI Note 2 can add semi-round fingerprint scanner, on its home button, and design the bezel more sleek, and it has NFC, Infrared, and higher specs, it will be very perfect for us.When we are looking forward to Xiaomi MI Note 2 in November, we can first check flyme5 OS on Xiaomi MI Note.  You can search in the MIUI forum about how to flash a smartphone.


First, after finishing the flashing, and then start the phone first, we can’t access to the OS, then decided to clear all the data to relaunch and then get into the OS successfully.


We can’t see Meizu OS has this kind advantage, when we log in Taibao account, we can get free storage in Cloud album. As you know, IMUI Cloud storage is limited now.


Third, the interface of locking as following:



Fourth, it looks very amazing to see this kind of interface.


About OS, it is the real flyme5.1.9.23R beta OS based on Android5.1.1. We believe the developer will develop the Flyme 5 based on Android6.0.


Sixth, the notification uses the semi transparent style, so does MIUI before.


Seventh, the interface of weather looks nice, the calendar style looks like MIUI.


Eighth, the phone call interface and message interface.



Ninth, The theme interface and app store interface


Tenth, It has full functions and yellowpage.


Eleventh, Music and Album.




1.Various Apps to launch very fast without stuck.
2. UI interface is like original Android style, simple and clear, in some functions, it shows very personalized.
3.  Glory of the king, the game floats from fps12 to fps30, Wartime does not exceed 25 (MIUI 8 has stable range from 27 to 30fps)

Therefore, if you want to know more ROM besides Xiaomi MI Note + Flyme OS, you can stay tuned here.


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