Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro GTX Edition Graphics Test


In the latest week of the Steam sales rankings, “PUBG” once again became the sales champion, and after the listing in the first half of last year, PUBG for more than a year in a row. Although the popularity declined for some reason, it still sits in the position of the most popular game. In the initial stage, “PUBG” was very poorly optimized due to the ability of Blue Hole, which caused a lot of high-end computers to run smoothly.

After NVIDIA and Microsoft sent engineers to help optimize, the optimization situation has changed a lot. So, after one and a half years of listing, “PUBG” can run smoothly on the most advanced game-level discrete graphics card? We found a Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro GTX with a GTX 1050 MAX-Q graphics card. The test begins.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro GTX Configuration

This is a low-voltage version of the Core i7-8550U processor with unlocked TDP, 16GB dual channel RAM memory, GTX 1050 MAX-Q graphics card, 1920×1080 resolution screen. Whether it’s CPU or GPU performance, as a full-featured notebook, it’s lower than the game. So what kind of quality does this kind of performance allow the PUBG to run smoothly?

Test Method

We chose a part of the PUBG Island map to run continuously in the wild and record the frame rate in one minute.

Super High Quality

Not surprisingly, under the super high image quality, the average frame rate is only about 33FPS, which is basically impossible to play normally.


The frame rate under high image quality has been significantly improved, and the average FPS is close to 50. Although it is not guaranteed to be absolutely smooth, there is not much problem in playing the game.

Medium Quality

The fluency of the medium-quality image has made some progress, but the progress is relatively low, but it has not reached an absolutely smooth line.

Low Quality

In low quality, the average frame rate has exceeded 65FPS, the game runs very smoothly, and already has a good gaming experience.

Minimum Quality

At very low image quality, the average frame rate directly reaches 84FPS, and the operation is very smooth, but the overall picture quality of the game is more serious, and the loss of details in the distance makes it difficult to find distant enemies.

Overall, for such a notebook product using a low-voltage processor and GTX 1050 MAX-Q, “PUBG” is not an insurmountable difficulty, and it can run smoothly under medium and low image quality. On the one hand, it shows the power of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro GTX in performance optimization and it also confirms that the “PUBG” has been optimized for more than a year.

The last thing to note is that in the previous review of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro GTX, the test results were more than 60FPS in high quality.

After the users and our test, the game version at that time will automatically reduce the rendering resolution when the low-end graphics card is detected, and the unresponsive switching option exists, resulting in a frame rate that is too high and the image quality is damaged.

In our recent tests, it is clear that Blue Hole has fixed such a bug, and the frame rate performance basically conforms to the performance of the whole device. That is, as we mentioned earlier, the high-quality fluency is not ideal, but the low-quality smooth operation is no problem. On the whole, it is still possible to experience high-profile works such as PUBG.

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