Xiaomi MI PC/Laptop/Notebook Mould exposure


It’s real that Xiaomi will release its Xiaomi mi notebook later. There are Xiaomi MI PC mould exposed by a netizen and emphasized it is under test production, and will come out soon. We have heard some rumors about this Xiaomi laptop, it seems it will appear in July officially.


According to latest news, Xiaomi mi notebook is in preparation, and it will first use 12.5inch screen size, even 15.6inch larger size. And it will come out later. This 12.5inch Xiaomi MI PC will be very thin and portable similar to Macbook with all metal body design, and the new 15.6inch MI Notebook will focus on performance for games playing.



As you know, Xiaomi has produced its various smart products for us in smartphone and other smart home gadgets. Right now Xiaomi will create the first MI Notebook for young people at the most competitive price. So will Xiaomi release this PC to break the rules in its price to compete with others. Let’s stay tuned.


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